The Fat Chat

by The Clearing

This is a facilitated chat circle to start a discussion on fatphobia that centers fat/big bodied, queer, and racialized experiences. Join us!

As a panel of fat-identified folks, we will discuss our experiences, explore how fatphobia is a tool of supremacy systems, why fat positivity is connected to larger struggles for freedom and liberation, and more! And then we will open up the conversation to the rest of the circle.

Bring your stories as a person directly targeted by fatphobia, bring your thoughts about how fatphobia can be better addressed in medical settings, activist spaces, and everyday life, and/or just be present and listen and learn.

Organizers/Facilitators/Panelists: Kiki DeLovely, Rakhee Devasthali, Layla Rivera, Patty Adams, and Kristl Yuen.
Co-sponsored by: The Clearing

All people living in a fatphobic world (because that’s what this is) are invited to witness and hold space.

The Carrack is an accessible space (slight bump at the door but there will be plenty of us on hand to help out if that’s an issue, also always feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about accessibility), the chairs do not have armrests, and the bathroom is gender neutral.

A note about parking: please do NOT park on the gravel side of Elm—the church may try to have you towed. You CAN park on the other side (just not on the sidewalk, as the many signs say). There is one disabled parking spot directly in front of the Carrack. You may park anywhere down Main in front of that spot but not behind it.

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