Swamp Scene: Costumed Ride to the Carrack Art Gallery

Join artists Geddes Levenson and Annie Blazejack for a costumed Swamp Ride to their Dark Ecology show at The Carrack.

Dress up in Swamp Attire: Dress as a thing that exist in a swamp today. Or a thing we might see in the swamp a thousand years in the future. Hybrid human-swamp things. Hybrid alien-swamp things… If that sounds like too much work, but you still want to ride your bike, you should still join us! You can dress in greens, browns, blues, and greys. Annie and Geddes will have some ornaments for you to add to your costume if you so desire.

Meet up in the CCB Plaza bull statue at 6pm. We’ll have half an hour for costume adjustments and additions.

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