As an exploration of cultural displacement, MILPA connects the complexities of the individual food experience to the collective desire for belonging.


Curbing the insatiable desire to consume, CRAVINGS examines the hands of those who put their dreams aside so you can show yours off on Instagram.

About the Artists

Stef Bernal-Martinez aims to document her community-the people and places that she loves as well as provide a venue for telling the photographic narratives of Queer, Trans/GNC, POC and all folks who systemically exist at the borders but deserve the damn spotlight.

Victoria Bouloubasis is a journalist, food writer and filmmaker based in Durham, NC. Through the lens of food, her work aims to dispel myths about the Global South-its people and places-against the backdrop of complex social, political and personal histories.

Lauren Vied Allen is a visual creative focused on food and travel photography as a means gain a larger understanding of cultural identities. She documents culinary traditions, food, people and the crossroads where they collide to create compelling photographic stories.


Friday, August 24, 6-9pm: Opening Reception
Friday, September 7, Time TBA: Plática
Saturday, September 8, 11am-1pm: Community Meal

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