Fashion Week: Runway Show at The Fruit

Innovative and cutting edge clothing by local designers.

The Fruit is at 305 S. Dillard St, Durham, NC 27701.

Buy Tickets: $10. RSVP on Facebook.


“Rubber Creatures apparel is fun, unusual, and ecologically sound. We recycle and up-cycle materials to decrease our impact on the environment during the Climate Emergency.

Rubber clothes make you stand out and are fun to wear. We make things for family, friends, everyone, and anyone. The 2019 collection is titled “Organeering” and emphasizes connections to each other and changes within ourselves.”

“My segment will be based around the concept “Rise & Fall of Kanye West.” Through fashion and art, I will create a timeline that displays his transformation creatively and socially. The story will be told through music, clothing, and artwork that visually display his state of mind and psychology as it was interpreted by myself.”

“Undercover Lover is an avante garde creative collective. We use elements of costume design, visual, culinary, and performance arts to create and curate events and experiences.

As we all explore our individual crafts, we are able to come together and blend small nuances of each of us in a way that is appealing and engaging to ALL senses.

Our goal is to push ourselves as artists, and by doing so, we push the boundaries of the arts themselves.”

“This collection is titled “World on Fire,” The collection starts off green to show the vibrant and healthy earth, then transitions to orange to show the environment “catching fire” as people mistreat it, and then transitions into black to represent the darkness of the environmental crisis.

To embrace the idea of sustainable fashion, each outfit is made entirely out of hemp linen that I hand dip-dyed.”

“For this collection I wanted to do what I love, which is manipulating fabric into what works for me. My mind works in pieces so when presented with an assignment my instinct is to create something from scratch that I can manipulate to fit the design in my head.

Using yarn is a must in my design process. Every design involves yarn in some way—whether it’s for texture, strength, an added visual element, or to gather together.

Experimenting with new techniques and figuring out new ways to make a style fit better or have a new visual element are always the goals of every design.

Over the years I have picked up several fabric manipulation techniques: knitting, sewing, weaving, dyeing, and needle punching. My goal is to put all these techniques together to make a unique design that everyone knows only I can create.”

“For some, fashion is art; for others, it is a way to imagine a new world. Our collection, “Oni”— translated as “sacred ground” in Yoruba—retraces history and explores possibility by honoring a long tradition of block printing, quilting and unique fashion crafted by Black women from West Africa to America. This collection showcases creativity and spirituality through colors, textiles, and designs unique to the collective sartorial genius of Black women on the continent and here in the Diaspora.”

“Victoria Rosser is a senior in fashion and textile design at North Carolina State University. In her collection she will explore the concept of rugged femininity. Rugged femininity is a colloquialism for breaking the “rules” of a stereotypically dainty feminine appearance by adding different textures and darker colors to contrast with softer and lighter fabrics.

After extensive research of the connectivity between natural design and human innovation, Rosser has created a collection that joins the beauty of natural forms with traditional garment construction techniques. All print designs are originals created by the artist. This collection is meant to empower the rugged woman and encourage her to pioneer her frontier and be confident and grounded in her look.”

“Lauren Reggi, is a Senior at North Carolina State University for Fashion and Textile Design. The collection I am creating is called Remake the Wild, a culmination of the soft aspects of nature and the harsher realities that the wild places now face. For so long, western culture has stolen land, taking it to line their pockets without any regard to the people and creatures already living on the land. Everything in my collection is recycled, in some cases stuff I found on the side of the road, draws silhouettes from flowers, and textile designs that reflect on my native grandmother’s artistry. Remake the Wild strives to show that even when there is brokenness, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.”

NASHONA is a fashion forward women’s clothing line that specializes in collaborating modern styles handcrafted with vibrant African fabrics from Tanzania. Our 100% wax cotton kangas and kitenges are versatile, unique, and of the highest quality. We seek to provide exceptional prints and high fashion apparel while helping to serve both our local and global communities. A portion of all sales goes to benefit the Shalom Orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania


Fashion Week is sponsored by our friends at Arcana.

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