2019 ONE-DAY Application

2019 ONE-DAY Application

For one-night only events, happenings, performances that can happen concurrently with art exhibits. One night (or day) events are curated to correspond with the rest of The Carrack’s programming, where possible. We prioritize ideas that are open and engaging to the public, and are rooted in creative cultural practices.

Application Guidelines

Please refer to this page for detailed application guidelines.

Online Application Form

To apply, please answer all of the questions in the online Application Form found ​here​.

After submitting the Application Form you will be instructed to email your artwork or other relevant examples to 1day@thecarrack.org.

Here are the questions in the Application Form, and the maximum length permitted for your responses. It is recommended that you develop your responses in advance and then copy-and-paste them into the online Application Form when you are ready to submit (rather than writing your submission content right in the online form).

Please include your:

Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Mailing Address

1. WHEN do you want to do something awesome at The Carrack?

What are your preferred dates on the gallery’s calendar? We may not be able to give you your first choice so please let us know some options.

2. WHAT would you like to do at The Carrack?

Tell us about your dream for the space. Is this a panel, a dance party, a workshop, collaborative making? (1500 characters or fewer)

3. WHO is involved in your idea?

Organizers, partners, performers, etc. (250 characters or fewer)

4. WHAT should we know about you/them?

We don’t care as much about CVs and resumes as we do about your narrative description of who you/they are and the significance of your/their work.  This is part of a holistic review of our applicants. (500 characters or fewer)

5. WHO is this event for? Who is your audience?

(500 characters or fewer)

6. WHY is this idea important?

In what ways is this idea impactful and to whom? What does it do or say? Why is this important now? (500 characters or fewer)

7. WHY does this need to happen at The Carrack?

What will The Carrack’s mission, model, location, or physical space offer to your idea? How does this idea or its method align with The Carrack’s mission? What else should we know? (750 characters or fewer)

8. HOW do you plan to do it?

Tell us about the logistics of making your dream happen and how you will use your night. We also want to know how you plan to promote your exhibit and get people to The Carrack to see what you’re doing! (1500 characters or fewer)

9. Please provide any additional information that may be useful for our consideration.

Proceed to the online ​Application Form​.


Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
+ see our calendar for related events

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