Photo by Samra Habib

Saba Taj

Saba Taj is a Durham-based artist, educator, and advocate who has been an active member of the local arts community since 2009. In her art, Taj challenges racism and xenophobia through empowered representations of people of color. As a founding member of Durham Artists Movement and an arts educator, she has sought to help individuals from marginalized communities be empowered to create and share their own art. She graduated from North Carolina Central University in 2011, and earned an MFA in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2016. She was a 2017 Southern Constellations Fellow, TedxDuke 2017 speaker, and has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post, and Durham Magazine.

Portrait by Tiny Zombie

Image by Tiny Zombie

Kerry Crocker

Kerry Crocker is the Director of Operations and Fundraising Event Coordinator for The Carrack. In 2014, Crocker organized and curated interface || interference, a juried group exhibition at The Carrack. After working on the show within The Carrack’s framework, being given resources like space, access to great volunteer person-power and exhibition advice, all for free, she became hooked. Crocker then started volunteering regularly to staff the gallery and realized how much she enjoyed the opportunity to have interesting conversations with complete strangers.

In 2015 Laura Ritchie invited Crocker to come up with a new format and concept for The Carrack’s fall fundraiser. Crocker created The Muse Masquerade, a multi-experiential masquerade party at 21c Museum Hotel.

Crocker received a BFA from The Atlanta College of Art a very long time ago before it became subsumed by the Savannah College of Art and Design. After working in software development for many years she started making artwork again under the moniker parasol b, focusing on making paintings that contain encoded data.


A brilliant team of local volunteers keeps The Carrack open during the week, organizes and staffs fundraising events, meets quarterly to make organizational decisions, designs promotional materials, maintains the website, assists artists and visitors, and more.

Advisory Board

Annick Le Goff, Brian Stoner, Carin Walsh, Chris Vitiello, Jameela Dallis, Jessica Kemp, Jim Lee, Marla Hawkins, Tim Walter, Wendy Collin Sorin

Gallery and Special Events Staff

Anna Jojic, Anna Wallin, Annick LeGoff, Brian H. Thompson, Carin Walsh, Caroline Crawford, Catherine Edgerton, Chewy Adamcik, Christopher Ciccone, Claudia Corletto, Dionne Liles, Erica Hamilton, Gordon Dean, Janice Geller, Jessica Kemp, Jon Fuller, Julia Harmon, Katie DeGraff, Leslie Caldwell, Lindsey Atwell, Liza Chabot, Marla Hawkins, Morgan Newman, Nick Dahlstrom, Ruchi Patel, Serah Lenea

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