Carrack Artist Saba Taj

Scalawag: A Story of Us: In Conversation with Artists Monét Noelle Marshall and Saba Taj by Zaina Alsous, 3/11/2019

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

INDY Week: In Her Art, Carrack Director Saba Taj Populates a Sanctuary for the Secret Language of Women by Zaina Alsous, 3/7/2019

Carrack Artist Parasol B

Artist Soapbox Podcast: 066: The circuitry of art. Audio/visual artist Kerry Crocker designs experiential art/technology by Tamara Kissane, 3/4/2019

Carrack Artist Kulsum Tasnif

News & Observer: Artist Kulsum Tasnif channels her emotions with loss, life, love and politics into paintings, drawings, and even purses by Juli Leonard, 2/8/2019

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

Artblog: Speculative collages of Saba Taj at Twelve Gates Arts re-imagine the future through a queer, brown perspective by Deborah Krieger, 1/3/2019

rocks that won’t sink (8/2 – 8/19/18)

INDY Week: Our Top 5 Art Shows of 2018 by Sarah Edwards & Chris Vitiello, 1/2/2019

Carrack Artist Parasol B

Elsewhere: Announcing Our 2019 Artists, 12/31/2018

Anti-Nostalgia (10/4 – 10/21/18)

Western Carolina University News: NC Arts Council presents fellowship to School of Art and Design’s Susan Martin by Geoff Cantrell, 10/24/2018

The Bull Meets The Bayou (5/3 – 6/2/18)

INDY Week: Durham and New Orleans Connect at the Carrack in The Bull Meets the Bayou by Brian Howe, 5/17/2018

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

Durham Magazine: The Women’s Issue: The Artist by Sayaka Matsuoka, 4/25/2018

Long Exposure: a pinhole photography show (4/12 – 4/29/2018)

Duke Chronicle: ‘Long Exposure’ brings pinhole photography to the 21st century by Milena Ozernova, 4/11/2018

Carrack Artists Anthony Patterson & Lamar Whidbee

Index Journal: Three emerging black artists bring exhibit to Arts Center by St. Claire Donaghy, 2/18/2018

Artists Are… (2/15/2018)

The Daily Tarheel: Q&A with Jessica Jones, an artist, accountant and UNC grad by Hannah Lee, 2/13/2018

The Sit-in Series (2/9/2018)

The Daily Tarheel: The Sit-In Series honors HBCUs through art (and free beer) by Hannah Lee, 2/6/2018

Full Circle (12/13 – 12/24/2017)

Triangle Today: Views from the Third Friday Art Walk in Durham by Caroline Cockrell, 12/20/2017

Mixtape (8/9 – 8/20/2017)

BURNAWAY: BURNAWAY’s Best of 2017: Favorite Exhibitions in the South and Beyond by BURNAWAY Staff & Chris Vitiello, 12/20/2017

Carrack Artist Heather Gordon

INDY Week: Meet Heather Gordon, the Durham Artist Behind the Obscurely but Deeply Personal And Then the Sun Swallowed Me at CAM Raleigh by Daniel Hall, 11/22/2017

This is Me, Right Here, Mike Hack. This is Me, Right Here. (9/20 – 10/1/2017)

Port City Daily: Looking at life through the ‘lens’ of autism by Cory Mannion, 8/30/2017

Aibohphobia and the Reifier’s Schadenfreude (5/10 – 5/21/2017)

INDY Week: Luke Demarest’s 3-D-Printed Computer Language Whispers of Faith, Doubt, and Other Deeply Human Affairs by Samuel Feldblum, 5/10/2017

no polite disguise (4/26 – 5/7/2017)

Arts Now NC: André Leon Gray’s exhibit on race in America isn’t ‘polite’ by Adrienne Johnson Martin, 4/27/2017

Bottled Light (4/12 – 4/23/2017)

INDY Week: Through Journals and Kaleidoscopes, Catherine Edgerton Shines Healing Light on Mental Health and Addiction Challenges by Noah Rawlings, 4/12/2017

Herald Sun: Bottling light: Artist Catherine Edgerton shifts lens of mental health by Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan, 3/29/2017

Carrack Artists Heather Gordon & Justin Tornow

INDY Week: Artist Heather Gordon Makes Herself a Mirror for Justin Tornow to Dance Inside at 21c Museum Hotel by Chris Vitiello, 2/22/2017

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

WRAL: Garcia Marquez influences Muslim-American artist by Hola NC, 2/13/2017

COMPANY: PROMPTS: Next Steps (1/28/2017)

INDY Week: PROMPTS: Next Steps by Brian Howe, 1/28/2017

Carrack Artist Saba Taj This queer Muslim couple got married before Trump’s inauguration to protect their family’s rights by Sarah Harvard, 1/20/2017

Community & Nasty Women Shows (1/20 – 1/28/2017)

HappeningsCLT: Daily: Nasty Women, 1/4/2017

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Huffington Post: Artwork in Progress: A Conversation With Donald Martiny, Contributing Artist at One World Trade Center by Roxie Sarhangi, 1/4/2017

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Jackson Hole News & Guide: ‘Great & Small’ show opens at Diehl gallery by Erika Dahlby, 12/21/2016

Carrack FIT (12/7/2016)

INDY Week: The Death of Boundary-Pushing Composer Pauline Oliveros Leaves Us a Big Lesson: Listen Deeply by Joanna Helms, 12/7/2016

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

American Prospect: Counter Protests Swamp KKK Celebration in North Carolina by Barry Yeoman, 12/5/2016

The Mobile: Composition in Motion (11/9 – 11/19/2016)

Arts Now NC: Guest Blog: Artists go ‘mobile’ at The Carrack by Carin Walsh, 10/31/2016

Carrack Artist Stacey L. Kirby

Don’t You Lie To Me!: Stacey Kirby by Jeff Bell, Warren Hicks, 10/30/2016

INDY Week: Innovative Social Artist Stacey L. Kirby Brings Top Honors (and Two Hundred Grand) Back to Durham from ArtPrize 2016 by Chris Vitiello, 10/26/2016

Things My Mother Would Have Told Me If… (10/25 – 11/5/2016)

WUNC’s The State of Things: Things My Mother Would Have Told Me If… by Katy Barron, Frank Stasio, 10/27/2016

Carrack Artist Stacey L. Kirby

Artforum: James Mellick and Stacey Kirby Win $200,000 ArtPrize Awards, 10/14/2016

Reframing Food (10/11 – 10/22/2016)

INDY Week: Food Youth Initiative Hosts Closing Reception at the Carrack on Friday by Victoria Bouloubasis, 10/21/16

INDY Week: Young Activists Fill the Carrack with Intimate Portraits of Food Justice in Reframing Food by Victoria Bouloubasis, 9/14/2016

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

Arts Now NC: Saba Taj: ‘None of us are free until all of us are free’ by Melissa Howsam, 9/14/2016

Carrack Artist Heather Gordon

Don’t You Lie To Me!: Heather Gordon by Jeff Bell, Warren Hicks, 9/12/2016

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Toledo Blade: Artists remember 9/11 through their works by Roberta Gedert, 9/8/2016

Professional Artist: Donald Martiny on His One World Trade Center Artwork, Artistic Process by Brenda Hope Zappitell, 8/25/2016

The Woven Tale Press: “Brushstrokes are human, personal, and intimate.” by Emily Jaeger, 8/19/2016 (8/5 – 8/13/2016)

Arts Now NC: See ‘’ at The Carrack in Durham by Beth Mann, 8/5/2016

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

INDY Week: In The Carrack’s Former Digs, Durham Artists Movement Creates a Safe Space for Diverse Voices by Brian Howe, 7/20/2016

Carrack Artist Alexis Pauline Gumbs

WUNC’s The State of Things: Bringing Black Feminist Theory Into Everyday Practice by Anita Rao, Frank Stasio, 7/5/2016

Carrack Artist Saba Taj

Huffington Post: Queer Muslim Artist Saba Taj Sees Her Art As An Act Of Resistance by Carol Kuruvilla, 6/24/2016

AndAlwaysWhy (6/2 – 6/5/2016)

INDY Week: Ginger Wagg Tears Down the Curtain Between Audience and Performer in AndAlwaysWhy by Brian Howe, 6/1/2016

The Exchange Project (5/18 – 5/22/2016)

INDY Week: Dial 1-800-Moogfest on a Synth Made of Vintage Telephone Parts by DJ Pangburn, 5/23/2016

INDY Week: Antenes Turns Telephone Switchboards Into Modular Synthesizers by Dan Ruccia, 5/11/2016

America, America (5/3 – 5/14/2016)

UNC Art & Art History: Assistant Professor Lien Truong Solo Show at Carrack Modern in Durham by JJ Bauer, 4/29/2016

Liberation Film Series (4/24/2016)

INDY Week: Fruitvale Station by Neil Morris, 4/20/2016

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

artnet News: 7 Reasons Why Philadelphia Is the Best Place for Your Next Art Getaway, 4/2/2016

Carrack Artist William Paul Thomas

Durham Art Guild: RESULTS! 2016 Artist in Residence!, 4/1/2016

PANIC II (3/25/2016)

INDY Week: PANIC II by Grayson Haver Currin, 3/23/2016

Art of Cool: Jam.Shop.Sip.Repeat (3/15/2016)

INDY Week: Art of Cool Ramps Up its Festival Programming with Jam.Shop.Sip.Repeat by Eric Tullis, 3/7/2016

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Visual News: Giant Sculptures Reveal the Secret Beauty of Paint by Katy French, 3/11/2016

MURALISTS! (2/9 – 2/27/2016)

Clarion Content: 3rd Friday February 2016 by Caroline Crawford, 2/25/2016

Carrack Artist Shirlette Ammons

INDY Week: Record Review: Shirlette Ammons’ Great LP, Language Barrier by Grayson Haver Currin, 2/3/2016

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Philadelphia Inquirer: Spring shows at local galleries: Under-recognized artists come to the fore by Edith Newhall, 1/19/2016

 Culture Mill: Berlin // Durham (12/17 – 12/20/2015)

INDY Week: Dance review: What Doesn’t Work sets an allegory of striving and failure on the brute fact of the body by Brian Howe, 1/6/2016

Herald Sun: Area art scene intrigues Berlin-born dancer by Susan Broili, 12/16/2015

INDY Week: Berlin and Durham connect in two audacious dance pieces, What Doesn’t Work and La Mula, at the Carrack Modern Art by Chris Vitiello, 12/16/2015

Duke Chronicle: Culture Mill brings Berlin to Durham at the Carrack by Christy Kuesel, 12/3/2015

Red Dot Community Art Exhibit (12/12/2015)

Herald Sun: $25 & UP: Local artists pony up to benefit The Carrack by Cliff Bellamy, 12/11/2015

Herald Sun: Making visual art more accessible by Cliff Bellamy, 12/11/2015

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

News Sentinel (Fort Wayne, IN): Fort Wayne man’s video shares story of artist Donald Martiny’s work at One World Trade Center by Kevin Kilbane, 12/11/2015

Northeast Indiana Public Radio: The Art Of Storytelling: An Interview With Fort Wayne Filmmaker Max Meyer by Julia Meek, 12/7/2015

Carrack FIT (12/2/2015)

INDY Week: Carrack Free Improv Tuesday: Jeb Bishop Going Away Party by Grayson Haver Currin, 12/2/2015

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Artsy: One World Trade Center’s Lobby Gets Two Massive Brushstrokes, 11/20/2015

Carrack Artist Dasan Ahanu

INDY Week: Indies Arts Awards: Durham poet Dasan Ahanu uses hip-hop education and action to inspire more work by Eric Tullis, 11/18/2015

La Chicharra (11/10 – 11/21/2015)

Spoonflower: La Chicharra : A Spoonflower Spotlight, 11/15/2015

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

WUNC: A Chapel Hill Artist Paints His Way Into The World Trade Center by Jon Kalish, 10/30/2015

Black Cinema Night (10/24/2015)

Clarion Content: “Black Cinema Night” at the Carrack, 10/17/2015

Click! Triangle Photography Festival (10/14/2015)

INDY Week: The Click! Triangle Photography Festival aims to garner exposure and respect for its chosen medium by Iza Wojciechowska, 10/14/2015

The Scanners (10/13 – 10/24/2015)

INDY Week: Five great local visual art shows of 2015 by Chris Vitiello, 12/23/2015

WUNC’s The State of Things: Scanning Dead Birds: Celebrating Unconventional Photography In The Triangle by Andrew Tie, Frank Stasio, 10/15/2015

INDY Week: Fall Guide: Editor’s picks for must-see art exhibits by Brian Howe, 8/26/2015

Masked: a 1-man contemporary commedia dell’arte obsession (10/10/2015)

INDY Week: Theater review: Evan Mitchell’s Masked brings commedia dell’arte to the Carrack by Byron Woods, 10/9/2015

INDY Week: Masked by Byron Woods, 9/30/2015

Eric + Erica Album Release Show (8/29/2015)

INDY Week: Eric and Erica, Beauty World, Jake Xerxes Fussell by Allison Hussey, 8/26/2015

NO LIMITS (8/27 – 9/13/2015)

INDY Week: Felicia Robinson never let cerebral palsy stop her from expressing herself through art and advocacy by Brian Howe, 9/9/2015

Kin (8/4 – 8/15/2015)

Arts Now NC: Heather Gordon’s ‘Kin’ at The Carrack by Chris Vitiello, 8/7/2015

Diary of a Wretched Man (7/7 – 7/18/2015)

News & Observer: Arts Now: Your Guide to the Triangle Arts Scene by Mike Williams, 7/17/2015

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Houston Press: “Is it … Monochrome? Colorfield? Or an Object?” by Susie Tommaney, 7/15/2015

INDY Week: In the Nasher’s Colour Correction, vibrant screen prints tell the story of modern art’s mechanization by Chris Vitiello, 7/1/2015

Puzzling Margins (6/23 – 7/4/2015)

INDY Week: Meg Stein: Puzzling Margins by Brian Howe, 6/24/2015

Carrack Artist Heather Gordon

MLive: ArtPrize awards $5,000 for sculpture inspired by Grand Rapids Indian mounds by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk, 6/4/2015

Double Capture (6/2 – 6/13/2015)

Clarion Content: From the Editor’s Desk 73: the Beaver Queen to No Forwarding Address by Aaron Mandel, 6/8/2015

Clarion Content: Erin Oliver Double Capture Opens at The Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 6/4/2015

INDY Week: From safe bets to daring debuts, preview the hottest theater and dance of the solar season by Byron Woods, 5/27/2015

Carrack Artist Maready Evergreen

Durham Art Guild: 2015 Artist in Residence announced!, 5/1/2015

Center/Gallery: Feminist Legacy/Feminist Future (3/17 – 3/28/2015)

News & Observer: Art show at Durham’s Carrack celebrates feminist gallery’s legacy by Deborah R. Meyer, 3/18/2015

Herald Sun: Best Bet: ‘Feminist Legacy/Feminist Future’, 3/15/2015

Breathing Back: A Meditation Chorus (2/20 – 2/28/2015)

WUNC’s The State of Things: Breathing Back by Hady Mawajdeh, Frank Stasio, 2/24/2015

Carrack Artists William Paul Thomas & Antoine Williams

Index – Journal: Exhibit has new take on contemporary African-American art by William P. Thomas, 2/1/2015

 Carrack Artist Saleem Reshamwala

INDY Week: Saleem Reshamwala wants to bring out your inner weirdo by Elizabeth Van Brocklin, 12/31/2014

Culture Mill: Brother Brother (12/17 – 12/19/2014)

INDY Week: Dance review: A brutal, moving Brother Brother in its U.S. premiere by Brian Howe, 1/2/2015

Herald Sun: ‘Brother’s’ world glints with humor, but has a shadow side by Susan Broili, 12/19/2014

Clarion Content: Sights On The City: Episode 6 Lightsey Darst of DIDA by Aaron Mandel, 12/18/2014

Herald Sun: “Brother, Brother’ explores aspects of male relationships by Susan Broili, 12/17/2014

COMPANY & Culture Mill: No. 13 (The Weights) (12/13 – 12/14/2014) & Brother Brother (12/17 – 12/19/2014)

 INDY Week: Social dynamics and heightened ambitions power DIDA dances by Justin Tornow and Tommy Noonan by Chris Vitiello, 12/14/2014

News & Observer: New alliance gives independent dancers a leg up by Mark Schultz, 12/7/2014

COMPANY: No. 13 (The Weights) (12/13 – 12/14/2014)

INDY Week: Dance review: Justin Tornow’s COMPANY gets territorial in The Weights by Chris Vitiello, 12/22/2014

Herald Sun: Dancers exude strong sense of connection in intimate space by Susan Broili, 12/15/2014

Red Dot Community Art Exhibit (12/12 – 12/12/2014)

Arts Now NC: The Carrack Red Dot Community Art Exhibit by Beth Mandel, 12/13/2014

Welcome to My Madness: The Comic & Pop Art of L Jámal Walton (11/10 – 11/23/2014)

INDY Week: Welcome to My Madness: Volume 1 by Brian Howe, 11/19/2014

Royalings, Long Road (10/27 – 11/9/2014)

Clarion Content: “The Royalings”and “The Long Road” meet at The Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 10/31/2014

INDY Week: The Royalings and The Long Road by Brian Howe, 10/29/2014

Loaded Objects (10/14 – 10/25/2014)

Clarion Content: Loaded Objects at The Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 10/17/2014

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

ArtDaily: Complementary Colors: Pentimenti Gallery opens group exhibition, 10/3/2014

Superfluous Fowl (9/2 – 9/13/2014)

Clarion Content: Anna Wallace, Superfluous Fowl at The Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 9/12/2014

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Vogue Australia: Our top picks from Melbourne Art Fair 2014 by Annemarie Kiely, 8/30/2014

Bare: Conversations on Human Art (8/12 – 8/23/2014)

WUNC’s The State of Things: The Naked Truth On Nude Art by Laura Lee, Frank Stasio, 8/20/2014

7 (7/28 – 8/10/2014)

Clarion Content: Chance Murray: Nuanced Southern Meaning by Aaron Mandel, 8/9/2014

INDY Week: 7 by Will Partin, 8/6/2014

Nah Mean?! (7/14 – 7/27/2014)

INDY Week: Art Review: Antoine Williams and William Paul Thomas mind the gap at the Carrack by Will Partin, 7/24/2014

Community Show, June 2014 (6/9 – 6/15/2014)

Clarion Content: Our Intern Hits up the Community Show at The Carrack by Lauren Alston, 6/25/2014

Interface||interference (4/29 – 5/10/2014)

WUNC’s The State of Things: Your Love Affair With Your Smartphone by Anita Rao, Frank Stasio, 5/2/2014

Clarion Content: Interface||interference at the Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 5/1/2014

Carrack Artist John Rash

Clarion Content: From the Editor’s Desk by Aaron Mandel, 4/27/2014

Blood Harmony: Contemporary Photography (4/14 – 4/27/2014)

Daily Tarheel: UNC student’s photographic series “Blood Harmony” represents construction of gender, sexual identity by Margaret Gilmore, 4/20/2014

INDY Week: Blood Harmony by Chris Vitiello, 4/12/2014

Carrack Artist Connie Zamorano

Seasoned: Creative Corner: Artist Connie Zamorano by Sarah, 4/1/2014

Chāi Qiān(拆迁): Inevitable Development (3/31 – 4/13/2014)

Clarion Content: From the Editor’s Desk by Aaron Mandel, 4/26/2014

Clarion Content: From the Editor’s Desk by Aaron Mandel, 4/24/2014

Clarion Content: From the Editor’s Desk by Aaron Mandel, 4/15/2014

We Take Requests: A 24 Hour Art Slam (3/28/2014)

News & Observer: More than the sum of their arts by Pierce Freelon , 4/15/2014

Clarion Content: From the Editor’s Desk by Aaron Mandel, 3/28/2014

Monsieur Contraste and The Church of Photography (2/19 – 3/1/2014)

Herald Sun: REVIEW: A portrait of a local photographer by Cliff Bellamy, 2/13/2014

No Dark/No Light (2/4 – 2/15/2014)

Duke Chronicle: Local band exhibits artwork inspired by new record by Hannah Anderson-Baranger, 2/6/2014

Clarion Content: Lilac Shadows Album Release Party at The Carrack Modern Art Exhibit by Buddy Ruski, 2/3/2014

Daily Tarheel: Artists add visual touch to local band’s tunes by Marcela Guimaraes, 1/29/2014

 2013 Winter Community Show (12/17 – 12/21/2013)

Clarion Content: From the Editor’s desk by Aaron Mandel, 12/1/2013

Carrack Artist Donald Martiny

Triangle Downtowner Magazine: Donald Martiny by Linda Kramer, 12/1/2013

250° (11/19 – 11/30/2013)

News & Observer: Brushstrokes: Carrack Art abuzz over new exhibit by Deborah R. Meyer, 11/12/2013

Red Dot Community Art Exhibit (10/18 – 10/18/2013)

Clarion Content: The Carrack channels its inner Banksy by Aaron Mandel, 10/18/2013

Paradise Garden (9/24 – 10/5/2013)

Duke Chronicle: Carrack’s multi-media exhibition celebrates nature and community by Katie Fernelius, 9/19/2013

Slow Drip (9/13 – 9/21/2013)

Clarion Content: Slow Drip at the Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 9/13/2013

Wrk, Inc. (8/27 – 9/7/2013)

Herald Sun: Working: Carrack exhibit looks at drudgery and dreams of working hard by Cliff Bellamy, 9/1/2013

Durham Then and Now: See Yourself in the Image Machine (8/13 – 8/24/2013)

Herald Sun: ‘Rehearsal for the future’ by Cliff Bellamy, 8/14/2013

INDY Week: Durham Then & Now: See Yourself in the Image Machine by Chris Vitiello, 8/14/2013

Hold Capacity // Trade Route Stories, Reimagined (7/30 – 8/10/2013)

WUNC’s The State of Things: Radio Documentarian Spends A Year Riding Cargo Ships by Shawn Wen, Frank Stasio, 8/7/2013

Herald Sun: Scenes at sea, through many eyes by Cliff Bellamy, 8/1/2013

Snap Shots from America (7/7 – 7/13/2013)

Herald Sun: Illustrator turns cross-country gardening adventure into works of art by April Dudash, 7/7/2013

Truth Underground (6/13/2013)

Clarion Content: Truth Underground Rocks the Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 6/15/2013

Clarion Content: Spoken Word comes to the Carrack Thursday Night by Aaron Mandel, 6/10/2013

TINY: attention, exploded (4/30 – 5/11/2013)

Herald Sun: At Carrack, a smorgasbord of art by Blue Greenberg, 5/9/2013

New Uses for Old Things (2/12 – 2/23/2013)

INDY Week: Eleven paintings and a giant vagina: Robin Walker at the Carrack by Chris Vitiello, 2/18/2013

STITCH Durham Word Art (2/8/2013)

Clarion Content: Stitch and Pin Durham by Aaron Mandel, 2/7/2013

Inventories & Observations (1/29 – 2/9/2013)

INDY Week: Inventories & Observations: A Room of Illustrations by Chris Vitiello, 2/6/2013

Clarion Content: Friday Night at The Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 2/3/2013

 “Spectives” (11/27 – 12/6/2012)

Duke Chronicle: Spectives’ exhibition “all about looking” by Lauren Feilich, 11/29/2012

WUNC’s The State of Things: Documenting Nature Through Photography by Nicole Campbell, Frank Stasio, 11/29/2012

Clarion Content: “Spectives” by Jim Lee by Aaron Mandel, 11/26/2012

War Is Trauma—Art Is Healing (11/9 – 11/18/2012)

INDY Week: Honoring service by D.L. Anderson, 11/14/2012

Nesting Behavior (10/26 – 11/8/2012)

INDY Week: Nesting Behavior by Chris Vitiello, 10/24/2012

Steven Silverleaf (10/14 – 10/25/2012)

Clarion Content: Friday Art Walk Triumphant by Aaron Mandel, 10/23/2012

Community Color (10/5/201210/13/2012)

Clarion Content: Community Color at The Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 10/10/2012

Carrack Artist Dipika Kohli

Clarion Content: DIPIKA KOHLI, THE ELOPEMENT: A MEMOIR by Aaron Mandel, 9/28/2012

Selenotropic (9/22 – 9/30/2012)

Clarion Content: Selenotropic at the Carrack Modern Art by Aaron Mandel, 9/28/2012

The Green Season: Rice Field Geometry of Burma, Cambodia & Thailand (9/11 – 9/21/2012)

INDY Week: The Green Season: Rice Field Geometry of Burma, Cambodia & Thailand by Chris Vitiello, 9/12/2012

The Cliché of Banality (9/7 – 9/9/2012)

Duke Chronicle: Duke alum showcases glitter art by Lauren Feilich, 9/6/2012

Carrack Artist Dipika Kohli

NC State Alumni Blog: Dipika Kohli’s writing career takes off with “The Elopement” by Chris Saunders, 8/16/2012

Home is in you (6/15 – 6/17/2012)

Daily Tarheel: Benefit show held by UNC graduate by Alex Dixon, 6/19/2012

Be A Laww Abiding Citizen (6/14/2012)

Clarion Content: International Laww at The Carrack by Aaron Mandel, 6/13/2012

just between us (5/29 – 6/7/2012)

INDY Week: Interaction without ego: sarah goetz’s Just Between Us opens at Durham’s Carrack Gallery by Chris Vitiello, 6/1/2012

Clarion Content: Just between us by Aaron Mandel, 5/31/2012

Technicolor Muslimah (3/24 – 3/31/2012)

Duke Chronicle: Technicolor Muslimah at the Carrack by Andrew Karim, 3/12/2012

SOLA::Aimari and Alex Young (3/13 – 3/23/2012)

Clarion Content: SOLA: a Performative Installation by Aaron Mandel, 3/16/2012

Duke Chronicle: Recess Interviews: SOLA Artists by Anna Koelsch , 3/1/2012

A Sense of Place (1/16 – 1/26/2012)

Clarion Content: Michelle Gonzales-Green: A Sense of Place by Catherine Howard, 1/21/2012

 PoPuP Show 3 (10/21 – 10/21/2011)

Clarion Content: Durham triumphant! by Aaron Mandel, 10/24/2011

Clarion Content: Have You Heard about the Popup Art Shows? by Aaron Mandel, 10/18/2011

Daily Tarheel: Durham’s Carrack Modern Art Gallery hosts PoPup3 show by Faith McElroy, 10/17/2011

Veil Tease (10/1 – 10/19/2011)

Clarion Content: Veil Tease opens at Carrack Modern Art Building by Cady Childs, 10/6/2011

INDY Week: On absence and presence: Catherine Howard’s Veil Tease by Chris Vitiello, 10/4/2011

Carrack Gallery Opening (6/24 – 7/7/2011)

INDY Week: Carrack Gallery Opening by Chris Vitiello, 6/22/2011


INDY Week: 2040 Vision: What Will the Local Arts Scene Look Like in 2040?, by Brian Howe, 12/31/2019

INDY Week: To Stay True to Its Values, The Carrack Modern Art Had to Close. Here’s Why That’s a Triumph, Not a Tragedy., by Brian Howe, 9/18/2019

Durham Magazine: The Final Note, by Hannah Lee, 8/1/2019

INDY Week: The Carrack Modern Art Is Closing This Fall, by Brian Howe, 6/25/2019

The Carrack: Durham Community Art Space, The Carrack, to close in September 2019, 6/25/2019

Livability: 2019 Top 100 Best Places to Live by Cara Sanders, 3/5/2019


INDY Week: Aesthetics Be Damned—Our Visual Art Critic Only Had Eyes for Political and Social Relevance in 2017 by Chris Vitiello, 12/27/2017

INDY Week: Tim Walter’s Long Effort to Give Downtown Durham a Venue It Needed Pays Off in the Nick of Time by Byron Woods, 12/6/2017

The Muse Masquerade (10/27/2016)

Durham Magazine: Mystery Meet-Up, 12/1/2017

Herald Sun: The arts drove Durham’s downtown renaissance. But did artists’ success seal their own doom? by Cliff Bellamy, 8/14/2017

The Duke Chronicle: Local Arts Spotlight: The Carrack by Georgina Del Vecho, 6/5/2017

National Arts Strategies: I am still feeling the same glow by Laura Ritchie, 3/21/2017


Herald Sun: Time capsule, ‘Liberty’ documentary marked 2016 year in arts by Cliff Bellamy, 12/29/2016

INDY Week: The Most Essential Local Art of 2016 Punched Back at a Disgraceful Year by Chris Vitiello, 12/28/2016

INDY Week: Durham Artists Movement Is a Safe Space and a Strong Voice for Artists Who Need It Most by Brian Howe, 12/14/2016

The Muse Masquerade (10/14/2016)

Arts Now NC: Snapshots: The Carrack’s Muse Masquerade by Eric Duncan, 10/15/2016

Durham Magazine: Best of Durham 2016 – Best Art Gallery, 8/1/2016

The Carrack Moves to New Location

Clarion Content: An Outsider Look at the End of the First Carrack by Tyler French, 7/13/2016

INDY Week: March to the New Carrack Gallery by Alex Boerner, 6/29/2016

Clarion Content: The Carrack’s 5th Anniversary and Moving Party by Stephanie Leathers, 6/27/2016

Clarion Content: The Carrack’s 5th Anniversary and Moving Party Part II by Stephanie Leathers, 6/27/2016

Arts Now NC: Guest blog: The Carrack is having a ‘moving party’ by Kerry Crocker, 6/22/2016

Herald Sun: The Carrack gallery to move July 1 by Cliff Bellamy, 6/1/2016

INDY Week: The Carrack Modern Art is Moving, Redrawing the Downtown Art Scene’s Borders by Brian Howe, 6/1/2016

INDY Week: Best venue that isn’t a venue – Best of the Triangle 2016, 6/8/2016

Durham Magazine: The Pinkerton Raid on Durham’s Venues, Musicians and Their New Album by Amanda MacLaren, 2/1/2016

The Muse Masquerade (10/23/2015)

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