We have raised just over $12,000 in donations this year, enough to keep the space open through 2013, but there is more work to be done!


Please consider being a Carrack sustainer: collectively, with a small on-going donation every month, we can ensure that the Carrack has the resources to serve its mission to its full potential. Your help will help us continue the important work we do week in week out in downtown Durham.

What does your support do? A $5/month level of support pays for our website, a a handful of $10 / month sustainers can afford us a proper hanging system, a few more $20/month contribution will cover the better lighting this space ought to have, a $100 monthly contribution pays for a full month’s rent! Just twelve sustainers at the super hero level would cover rent, utilities and insurance for a full year. This is how it all adds up, collectively you can make this work.

Sculpture, mixed media, fine art painting, dance, poetry, installation art, shadow box theater and live music… you name it the Carrack fosters creative energies in extraordinary ways, all in a fluid, fast paced, zero commission platform, all thanks to the community investing in its own talent.

Anyone who knows the Carrack knows of our ideas, our passion and energy: the Carrack is a jewel in the heart of Durham, a jewel to be sustained and nurtured. In 2013 we want to do more, and truly develop a sustainable organization that will connect the art, the artist and the community in unprecedented ways.

The Carrack is already an extraordinary conduit for the arts, what do we want to add?

  1. For each exhibit, a video interview with the artist, their life, their experience behind the art: interviews and writings to be shared online ahead of the exhibit. Learn about the artist in their own studio space, then come and see their work live inside the Carrack.
  2. Artist talks: don’t just look at the work, come and meet the artist in person, and learn first hand about what they do.
  3. Robust, dynamic, engaging internship programs: documentary studies, journalism, curatorial studies, art history, management and business development, there are countless facets for students to both help and learn hands-on the day in day out operations of a gallery.
  4. A salaried director’s position. Managing interns, unpaid staff, volunteers, organizing the life of the Carrack is a HUGE investment of time and energy. As the Carrack grows, we need a focused, dedicated and sustained effort at the helm. As the Carrack transitions into a full 501(c)3 structure, there is a clear, unequivocal need to fund the director’s work. Based on her remarkable accomplishments this year, the board has chosen Laura Ritchie to fulfill this role in 2013.

The Carrack has always been about grassroots, collective funding for the arts, please help us with a few dollars every month, the communities’ collective ownership of the Carrack is central to its mission. Thank you for your help.