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Please check back in the fall for our 2015 Application.

We do still have room in our calendar for performing arts events this year. Please email

A reminder about our mission and model:

The Carrack’s mission is to empower local artists to forge productive cultural and socio-economic ties with their community through professional exhibit opportunities in a zero commission art space. We are a space founded on the principle that art is a vehicle for intellectual, cultural and socio-economic growth and that it is the community’s responsibility to collectively support the arts. We provide a free space with no commercial pressure so that artists can make their best work and actively engage with their community in the way they choose.

The Carrack provides opportunities to a diverse range of talented, visionary artists and individuals, both local and beyond. Our model is designed to reflect The Carrack’s philosophy that complete creative freedom is required for true artistic growth and expression, while also striving to represent artists who maintain a high standard of quality in their work.

We want to keep things fluid and open, but it is important that our artists have a clear vision for how they plan to use their time at the Carrack. Each artist who shows here is granted full control of the space and their exhibit. This requires an immense amount of trust and cultivates a deeply personal relationship between Artist, Space and Community. The success of The Carrack depends entirely on the connection that each of our artists creates with his or her community and the ongoing engagement of nurturing that connection. In showing at The Carrack, each artist becomes a part of the Carrack’s lineage: it is every artist’s voice that defines and redefines the Carrack’s existence.

We are looking forward to another exciting year of groundbreaking exhibition and performance.

Exhibiting Artists go to this page.

Our Exhibition Program serves artists proposing dedicated solo or group shows that last up to two weeks.

Performing Artists go to this page.
In addition to exhibits, The Carrack also hosts a wide range of one or two night only multi-disciplinary performance events, featuring poetry, music, dance, film and literary events in addition to workshops, roundtables, lectures and screenings.