Winter Community Show

Winter Community Show

100 Local Artists!

January 13 – 17, 2015

The Carrack invited any artist to drop off one work of art for display in a community show this week. In just a few hours on Sunday afternoon, 100 artists dropped off their work, 65 of whom have never shown at The Carrack before! We finally have it all up on the walls and invite you to come see what our local art community has been up to.

Featured Artists

Aubrey Aldret, Ariyah April, Beth Armbruster, Nadjib Assani, Chris Beacham, Jodi Biewen, Paula Blast, Marnie J Blum, Alan Botifoll, P. Kerry Brewer, Shirley Cadmus, Blaine Carteaux, Candy Carver, Monique Cleveland, Debbie Cox, Ellie Cox, B.C. Crabtree, Caroline Crawford, Karen E Curran, Arlen Custer, Casey Dabrowski, Jesse Dabrowski, Robb Damman, Laura Davis, Charles (Mike) Dellerman, Karin Denson, Aiden Dillard, Ikendia Dixon, Timothy Dowdall, Sarah Duu, Allan Eckhaus, Richie Foster, Anthony Garcia-Copian, David Gellatly, Fred Good, Brianna Gribben, Gregory Hall, Shalla Hanson, Chrystal Hardt, Elizabeth Laul Healey, Robert Hoggard, Jerry Huff, Lisa N Jones, Violet Keziah, Nsenga Knight, Mark Kozma, Maja Kricker, Dare Kumolu-Johnson, Ray LaMantia, Elliot Lang, Peter LaPlaca, Sam Lasris, Jean LeCluyse, Jim Lee, Moriah LeFebvre, Marie Liebelt, Laura Madejczyk, Wayne Marcelli, Peter Marin, Jai Martin, Clarence Mayo, Dona McNeill, Erik Mello, Nancy Ann Moore, Eva Morrison, Patrick Morrison, Mary Mudd, Frank Myers, Eric Nabatoff, David Norcross, Chris Ogden, Erin Oliver, Majbritt Payne, Melvin Pena, Ray Pfeiffer, Hattie Pink, Cody Platt, Kate Ritchie, Edward Rokosz, Aisha Sanders, Zoe Sasson, Sarah Schwepker, Sara Selitsky, Kelly Sims, Peter Somers, Wendy Collin Sorrin, Marc Alan Sperber, John Sternbergh, Karen Stone, Rio Aubry Taylor, Allison Tierney, Ann Tilley, JP Trostle, Linda Vu, Tony Waldron, Roberta Wallace, Carin Walsh, L Jamal Walton, Eric Waters, Berard B West, Lamar Whidbee, Wade H Williams


Opening Reception: Friday, January 16, 7 – 10 pm


Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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