Winter Community Show

Winter Community Show

Final Exhibit of the Year!

December 17 – 21, 2013

Our Winter Community Show features work by 65 Artists:

Aiden Dillard, Amy Fletcher, Ariyah April, Barbara Rohde, Beth Denholm, Carol Retsch-Bogart, Caroline Crawford, Chris Beacham, Christer Berg, Chrystal Hardt, Claudia Corletto, David Norcross, Deborah Cain, Eleanor Mills, Elke Brand, Eric Monson, Eric Nabatoff, Eric Raddatz, Erin Lawler, Erin Oliver, Frank Van Orsouw, Geraud Staton, Hannah Rozear, Helen Seebold, Robert Agriopoulos, Isti Kaldor, Jackie Liggins, Jay A. Gladieux, Jayne Bomberg, Jean-Christian Rostagni, Jeannette Brossart, Jemima Boncales, Jim Kellough, Jim Lee, Joe Rizzolo, John Ensslin, Juley Striegel, Karen Stone, Karin Neuvirth, Kathy-Ann Chevalier-Joseph, Laura Hughes, Lee Moore Crawford, Lennox Robinson, Libby Lynn, Lisa Nicole Jones, Mark Abercrombie, Mark Coffman and Maria Delgobbo, Martha Thorn, Martique Lorray, Matthew Young, Michael Polimik, Michael White, Murry Handler, Nora Phillips, Scott Latimore, Stephen Druesedow, Stephen J. Fletcher, Sys Oppenlander, Tim McGloin, Tyler Stoll, Virginia Tyler, Warren Hicks, William Paul Thomas, Yael Zivan and Zoe Sasson


Over 50 works of art donated to The Carrack’s RED DOT fundraiser priced between $25-$75.

About Carrack Community Shows

Four times a year, The Carrack hosts an open call community show. This week-long exhibit is open to all artists working in any media. There is no jury process or entry fee and artists are encouraged to sell their work with no commission taken by The Carrack.

REMINDER TO ARTISTS: Pick up is on Sunday, December 22 from 12 – 3 pm


Opening Reception: Friday, December 20, 7 – 10 pm


Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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The Carrack is closed. Information for archival purposes only.