White Fragility: Book Discussion Series Part 2

White Fragility: Book Discussion Series

April 9 and 16, 6-8 PM

Everyone is welcome.

Join a two-part discussion of the recent book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, written by Robin DiAngelo, presented at The Carrack.

These discussions will be led by two white women, Meg Stein, local artist, and Jessica Ruhle, arts educator. This conversation is intended as a space for white folx to openly discuss the book, their own behaviors related to racism and white fragility, and how to meaningfully engage in anti-racist work. Folx are encouraged to read the book in advance and bring their own reflections and questions. Ideally, we hope participants can join for both discussions, as the conversations will build on each other. While the conversations focus on whiteness and are led by two white women, we also welcome POC to join.

With the conversations being from 6-8 PM, we encourage attendees to do what you need regarding food and beverage. Some food and drink will be provided, or you may BYO for yourself or to share.

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