We are now accepting exhibition applications!

We are now accepting exhibition applications!

Openings for April – December 2017


  • January 16, 2017
  • February 13, 2017
  • March 13, 2017

The Carrack is now accepting applications for visual art exhibitions and installations in 2017. Please read the application guidelines thoroughly before submitting an application.

Who can apply

ALL artists and curators are invited to apply.

We especially welcome artists and curators who are:

  • emerging and seeking inaugural exhibition space
  • experimenting or pushing the boundaries of their own art practice
  • belonging to a historically marginalized or non-dominant cultural group
  • producing work that critically engages current issues
  • creating temporal and/or site-specific work
  • seeking to join with and contribute to a community unbounded by discipline, age, class, race, gender, or other identities

About The Carrack

The Carrack is an artist-centered, volunteer-run, zero-commission art space in Durham, North Carolina supported by community donations. Exhibitions rotate every two weeks. Artists are given complete creative control of their exhibition and expected to undertake all aspects of the professional presentation of their work. Artists have the option to price and sell their work as they see fit during their exhibition. The Carrack does not take any commission of sales.

How to apply

  • Before beginning your application, please read about The Carrack.
  • There is no fee to apply or present work at The Carrack.
  • Deadlines and notification dates are based on your preferred exhibition dates, as indicated on the application. There are three deadlines by which to apply: by January 16, February 13, or March 13, 2017.
  • Submitted proposals will be reviewed by one of three review panels, based on your preferred exhibition dates. All Carrack review panels are made up of past Carrack artists and curators and are moderated by Executive Director Laura Ritchie.
  • Applications that are not accepted by one review panel are eligible for resubmission to be reviewed by the next review panel. We are happy to provide feedback based on the panel’s evaluation. We recommend that you apply early.
  • Download our 2017 Carrack Exhibition Application, read all information carefully, and follow the instructions it provides for submitting your proposal.

If you have questions about your exhibition proposal, it is recommended that you contact us before applying.


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