Wax Wroth Reading Series #6

Wax Wroth Reading Series #6

Poetry Readings by kathryn l. pringle + Tons of Peeps

Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 7:30 pm

“i’m not saying this to scare you but goodbye.”
—from “fault tree” by kathryn l. pringle

Continuing its long, slow trek through Triangle cafes, art-spaces and gutted garages, the Wax Wroth Reading Series returns in a new location—The Carrack Modern Art, Durham’s premier zero-commission gallery—to welcome award-winning poet kathryn l. pringle back to Durham.

kate cruelly broke our hearts when she moved to California a couple years ago but then crazy-glued them back together upon recently returning, somehow even doper and more famous than before. This headlining reading will be her first in the Triangle since reclaiming it as home.

The opening readers include a rogue’s gallery of old pringle pals and conspirators: Shirlette Ammons, Brian Howe, Fred Moten, Tanya Olson, Dianne Timblin, Chris Tonelli, and Chris Vitiello. Damn! you must be thinking. That’s a lot of poets. (It is!) But don’t despair. Before kate gives an ample 20-minute-ish reading, each opening poet will offer just 5 to 7 minutes of their hottest verses, back to back. That means you get to hear eight local poets in the same time usually allotted to two or three.

The Carrack’s doors will open at 7:30 on June 27, with the readings starting promptly at 8.

Organizer: Brian.G.Howe@gmail.com
Afterparty: Some nearby bar or another

Reader Bios

kathryn l. pringle is the author of fault tree, which was selected by C.D. Wright and a Lambda Literary Award finalist. Other works include RIGHT NEW BIOLOGY (Heretical Texts/Factory School), The Stills (Duration Press), and Temper and Felicity are Lovers (TAXT). Poems and prose can be found in Denver Quarterly, Fence, Phoebe, horse less review, and other journals. Her work has also been included in Conversations at the Wartime Cafe: A Decade of War (WODV Press), I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues), and The Sonnets: Rewriting Shakespeare (Nightboat Books). In 2013, she was the very grateful recipient of a gift from the Fund for Poetry. kathrynlpringle.blogspot.com/

Shirlette Ammons is an award-winning Durham-based poet and Mt. Olive native who also directs a youth arts program. Her most recent projects include Twilight for Gladys Bentley, her debut solo album released on Grip Tapes Records; And Lovers Like, a self-released collaborative album with the Dynamite Brothers; and Matching Skin feat. the John Anonymous EP, a collection of poetry published by Carolina Wren Press. If you see her in the street, ask her about Bentley Mode. shirletteammons.com/

Brian Howe is the organizer of the reading. His poetry and sound-art can be found in Coconut, Effing Magazine, Cannibal, Drunken Boat, Esque, So and So, horse less, Apocryphal Text, and others, plus in three chapbooks: Guitar Smash (3rdness Press), This is the Motherfucking Remix (with Marcus Slease; Scantily Clad), and Foreign Letter (Beard of Bees). He works as a freelance arts and culture journalist at Pitchfork, INDY Week, Edge Magazine, eMusic, and elsewhere. waxwroth.blogspot.com/

Fred Moten lives in Durham. His latest book of poetry, The Feel Trio, will be out this Fall.

Tanya Olson lives in Durham and teaches at Vance-Granville Community College. Her first book, Boyishly, was published by YesYesBooks in 2013. Her work has appeared in Boston Review, Beloit Poetry Review, Southword (IRL), PANK, Cairn, Fanzine, Bad Subjects, Main Street Rag, Pedestal Magazine, Elysian Fields, and Southern Cultures. In 2010, she won a Discovery/Boston Review prize and was named a 2011 Lambda Fellow by the Lambda Literary Foundation. boyishly-tanya.blogspot.com/

Dianne Timblin lives, writes, and edits in Durham. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Talisman, Phoebe, So and So, Fringe, Rivendell, Fanzine, and Foursquare, among others, and has been translated into Spanish for the Venezuelan literary blog Eternal Typewriter. Her chapbook A History of Fire was recently published by Three Count Pour, and her ongoing series of lo-fi collages can be found on her blog, Art of Salvage. artofsalvage.tumblr.com/

Chris Tonelli works in the Libraries at NC State and co-owns So & So Books in downtown Raleigh, where he lives with his wife, Allison, and their two kids, Miles and Vera. He is a founding editor of the independent poetry press, Birds, LLC, and he curates the So & So Series and edits So & So Magazine. His first full-length collection is The Trees Around (Birds, LLC), and his fifth chapbook, Increment, is due out any second now from Rye House Press. soandsomag.org/

Chris Vitiello lives in Durham with his two daughters. His most recent poetry book is Obedience (Ahsahta, 2012), a doubled aphoristic series within two front covers. Other books include Irresponsibility (Ahsahta, 2008) and Nouns Swarm A Verb (Xurban, 1999). He is a freelance arts, performance, and hockey writer for various newspapers, magazines, and blogs, and is a chief contributor at INDY Week. He also performs original toy theater, and writes custom poems at public events as the Poetry Fox. ahsahtapress.org/product/chris-vitiello-2/

About the Wax Wroth Reading Series

Wax Wroth is a poetry reading series organized by Brian Howe whenever he feels like it and has the opportunity to present something cool. Prior Wax Wroths were held at the former 715 Washington art-space in Durham or the Looking Glass Café in Carrboro, and featured readers such as Tony Tost, Heather Christle, Tanya Olson and Chris Vitiello. Direct questions to brian.g.howe@gmail.com.

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