Unbound: Documentary as Art

Unbound: Documentary as Art is a juried exhibition featuring artists who push the boundaries of documentary with ambitious works. Through this exhibition, artists will attempt to uncover and complicate truth in ways that traditional documentary cannot.

Unbound invites artists to submit work that pose questions such as: How do we document experiences that leave no material evidence? How do we turn documentary into art to advocate for our communities?  Is food documentary? Is dance documentary? Is Facebook documentary?

By reimagining documentary as art, Unbound will provide a radical and innovative space for artists to access a wider spectrum of reality. We are looking for works with diverse concepts in any medium. The term documentary should be considered a descriptive term rather than a model limited to conventional film or photo practices.

Location // Carrack Modern Art
Dates // October 3 – 15
Opening Reception // October 3, 7 – 9PM

Submission deadline // September 8

Notification deadline // September 15

Drop-off deadline // September 29

One submission per artist. To submit your work for consideration, please email the following to jeainnykim@gmail.com by September 8. If your work is produced or performed by more than one person, please submit only one application and list the names of everyone involved.
First Name

Last Name
Title of Work
Artist Statement (250 Words)

You may submit your work in one of the following ways

  1. Provide a clear link to a specific webpage for your piece Acceptable links: Google Drive, Dropbox, Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube
  2. Attach image, video, audio, or document file(s) in an email sent to jeainnykim@gmail.com
    Acceptable file formats: JPEG, DOC, WAV, MP3, MP4, MOV
Call to Artists