Third Friday Reception: Loud Color Luminous Sound

Memo from the desk of Curator, Kerry Crocker:

Please join me at the Third Friday Durham reception for “Loud Color Luminous Sound”, an exhibit of interactive, colorful, noise-making skulpturs and assemblages which were rescued from imminent demise in the parallel timeline which we designate as Timethread “B”. Until recently these artwerks had been misplaced in storage since the time they were transported to my timethread, in late 1971. The artist signed these werks using the name “Parasol”. For the exhibit of these artefakts we will attribute the pieces to Parasol “B”. The artist states through the werk, clearly, that art should be touched, interacted with, played with, to be fully experienced.

Come visit to experience these werks and learn more about their history.

Bull City Burger & Brewery are generously donating the thematically appropriate hsaWaknoW beer for this event.

Presented by the TimeScience Alliance, Office of Artefakts

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Loud Color Luminous Sound