The Value of Words #15

The Value of Words #15

a collaboration with Justin Tornow & COMPANY

Saturday, August 8 & 15, 7 pm

Although best known for her two-dimensional works, KIN includes a major performance piece from Heather Gordon made in collaboration with Justin Tornow & COMPANY. Gordon states, “What began as an experiment with words and numbers bloomed into a dialogue combining the concepts of play and relationships, intuition and logic, movement, space, pathways, conflict, negotiation, and a general exploration of the meaning and value of what we speak.”

The installation at The Carrack includes elaborate, diagrammatic folding patterns made in tape and adhered to the floor and walls. These maps are derived from the places the dancers have lived throughout their lives and set in visual relationship to each other. Gordon says, “Justin and I have conceived of a stage with no front, back, or side. For us, the objective is to present a structure on which the dancers literally navigate their lives in the company of others doing the same and activate the entire exhibition space with movement and shape.”

Speaking about the experience of working in collaboration with a visual artist, Tornow states, “No. 15 has become a reexamination of what, to me, ‘makes’ a dance. Much of the process has been meeting with Heather both in and out of rehearsals, examining and discussing our individual and shared work, and then processing all this in movement by myself and with the dancers. Ultimately, this piece is a collision of elements, fragments, and artworks. And while there is a great degree of structure to the work, it is meant to stay alive and nimble. The sections can be arranged and rearranged based on chance and artistic interests as the work continues to develop.”

Justin Tornow is an NC native, and lives in Durham, NC. She is the artistic director of COMPANY, a producer of the local artist series PROMPTS, and a co-founder and -organizer with Durham Independent Dance Artists (DIDA.) Justin’s work has been presented by the Triangle Dance Project, GSO Fringe Festival, DUMBO Dance Festival, CoolNY Festival, 2012 Philly Fringe, and the NC Dance Festival.

COMPANY is a contemporary dance company based in Durham, NC. By utilizing both composition and improvisation, and reconsidering existing ideas about movement and content, the goal of artistic director Justin Tornow is to experiment with the formality of modern and contemporary dance.

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