The Sticky Note Show

The Sticky Note Show

A fundraiser for The Carrack

This summer, The Carrack is mixing things up. We present The Sticky Note Show, a new take on our summer of community show and fundraiser. #stickwithus

Inspired by the legendary yearly show at Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles, all of the art has one common characteristic–the medium is a sticky note.

We are seeking miniature art that is presented on a standard size (3” x 3” square) sticky note of any color.

To participate

  • All artists are welcome to submit artwork.
  • All artwork submitted is a gift to The Carrack for the purpose of fundraising.
  • All sticky note works of art will be sold for the same price.
  • Artists are encouraged to submit multiple works of art.
  • Diptychs, triptychs, etc. are welcome and will be displayed as intended by the artist but will be sold as individual pieces.
  • Challenging the medium by adding to a sticky note as a substrate is welcome, as long as it can support its weight when stuck to the wall.
  • Works of art will not be labeled, but artists are welcome to include identifying information on the front or back of their work.
  • Please keep a few extra sticky notes adhered behind your work in order to preserve the “sticky”.
  • Please place your artwork(s) in an envelope along with any special display instructions (i.e. diptych, triptych, etc.)


The deadline for dropping off artwork is 5pm on Sunday, June 24, but we strongly encourage early drop-off.

Drop off your artwork at The Carrack any time during open hours, Thursday – Sunday from 11am – 5pm. Or, drop it in the mailbox by our front door any time. Artwork may also be mailed to The Carrack at 947 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27701.

Exhibit Dates: June 29 – July 1
Friday June 29, 6-9pm
Saturday June 30, 11am-5pm
Sunday July 1, 11am-5pm

Come Create & Contribute

Join us at The Carrack for “The Draw” on April 26, May 31, and June 21 where we will provide sticky notes and drawing tools for your use. RSVP here.

Email with questions. RSVP and invite friends to participate on Facebook.


Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
+ see our calendar for related events

The Carrack is closed. Information for archival purposes only.

Call to Artists