The Coronation of the Descendants by Serah A

The Coronation of the Descendants

by Serah A

This exhibition is an indictment on humanity. It asks the question: “Why does a human need protection from a system that is to honor our inalienable right to exist free from tyranny?” It is a crime against humanity to exclude the black man from his innate legitimacy on Earth. We are all heir to the throne of self-determinism by virtue of our existence, yet this right has been stricken from the black man’s HUMAN experience. Will the acceptance of this injustice remain an aspect of our human condition?

The Coronation of the Descendants is a vignette of a major humanitarian crisis, each piece symbolizes the sacredness of a self-determining life without systemic tyranny. The richness of a hard truth will be faced – on this planet- justice, equality, self-determinism, and self-preservation are not innate entitlements for black men. And that ultimately puts every human being at risk.



Opening Reception: Friday, November 3rd 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Thursday, November 9th 2017 6-7pm

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