The Cliché of Banality

The Cliché of Banality

Chelsea Masters

September 7 – 9, 2012

Chelsea Masters is an emerging artist who has been experimenting with glitter to transform everyday objects since 2010. Inspired by excess, both mundane and lavish, Chelsea adds a mesmerizing exterior of glitter to her objects to complement or oppose the the object’s facade, and thereby reveal its true nature. This project is a compilation of an impression formed by infomercials, fashion, YouTube, repetitive (non)variety, exclusivity, futility and delusion.

Chelsea is a 2011 Duke University graduate and holds a degree in political science with minors in art history and psychology. As an activist, she worked with filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman and a sex-positive non-profit organization to illuminate and combat rape culture on Duke’s campus. She recently concluded a public policy internship at the Sexuality Education and Information Council of the United States in Washington, DC and intends to pursue a masters of science in sociology and gender.


Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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