The Carrack’s 5th Birthday Bash Community Show

The Carrack’s 5th Birthday Community Show

June 17 – 25, 2016

Each year The Carrack hosts two Community Shows, one to kick off the new season at the beginning of the year and one to mark our birthday in June. This year we are turning 5 and this Community Show is particularly special to us as it is our last visual art exhibit in this space, before we move to our new home at 947 East Main Street. This week we celebrate YOU, our artists and patrons, and we welcome new artists and patrons into our community.

We are honored to have received such an enthusiastic response to our call and we are proud of the quality of the artwork exhibited in this show.

Featured Artists

Abiodun Eniyandunni, Amanda Blanchard, Amanda Driscoll, Andrea Cobb, Ann Corley Silverman, Ann Thaden, Anna Norman, Ari Kirk, Ariyah April, Assata Goff, Avi S. Baxter, BJ Fusaro, Brenna Berry-Stewart, Brett Morris, Brett Thompson, Brian Allen, Britt Mitchell, Carin Walsh, Carlos Torres, Carol Bales, Caroline Caldwell (Caro the Creative), Caroline Crawford, Caroline Haw, Cassandra Germano, Chandler Thomas, Chelsey Robertson, Chloe Blanchard, Christine Bristor, Christine Holton, Clarence Mayo, Constance Pappalardo, Courtney Brett, Crystal Ramirez, Curt Boyce, David Criswell, David Gellatly, Dennis Wells, Derek Unger, Dolores Santos “Lara”, Donna Supple, Elaine Fincham, Elliot Lane, Ely Urbanski, Eric F. Nabatoff, Eric Saunders, Eva & Joseph Pardington, Evee Erb, Evie G. Watts, Fab Bianchi, FRANCO, Freya Tripp, Gail Ellis, Graham Buhrman, Grayson Mendenhall, Heeva Kadivar, Hope Wilder, Ian Aquino, Ian Griffin, Ikendia Dixon, Jackie MacLeod, Jackie Tiryakian, Jacqsar Santos, Jacquelin Liggins, Jaguar Perry, Janet Ecklebarger, Janice Geller, Jeannette Brossart, Jessica Poland, Jillian Goldberg, Jillian Ohl, Jim Betts, Jim Lee, Joe Coates, John Haw, John Sternbergh, John Tucker, Joseph Pardington, JP Trostle, Judith Hollowood, Julia Harmon, Julian Phelps, Kaori Schrank, Karin & Shane Denson, Kathy Kane Bayard, Kim Howard, Kim Walker, Kohen Meyers, Kristine Remlinger, L. Jamal Walton, Lamar Whidbee, Laney Dale, Leah Foushee-Waller, Lee Moore Crawford, Leo Berner, Linda D. Bailey, Linwood Hart, Lisa Miles, Lisa Sorg, Mala Desai, Malcolm Goff, Maria Falbo, Marie Casado Woodbridge, Mark Blanchard, Martha Hoelzer, Mary Tripp, Max Berner, Melodie “Mello” Johnson, Melvin Peña, Michaela Corso, Michelle Heffley, Mimi Logothetis, Molly Cassidy, Myra Stotesbury, Nat Lazakis, Oni Nü Bey, Patrick Bowman, Philip Cherry IV, Rachel Moon, Reggie Chandler, Robert Alan Olason, Rosie Buhrman, Roy Mars, Ruby & Joseph Pardington, Saba Taj, Sam Lasris, Saphfire Turner, Sarah Sassafrass, Shalla Hanson, Shobhit Sharma, Sleepy-Chan, Su Yun Son, Susan Reeves, Susanne Lanckowsky, Sylvia Grant, Tasha Thomas, Tedd Anderson, Tiny Zombie, TJ Carr, Tom Buhrman, Tony Waldron, Travis Cohn, Valerie A. Jarrett, Vanessa & Richard Boyd, Veronique Moses, Violet Keziah, Virginia Holmes, Wei-Ting Chi, Wells The Martian, Wendy Collin Sorin, Yousuf Zafar, Yvette Berner, and Zaina Alsous

About the exhibit

A few weeks ago, we put out a public call inviting any artist to display one piece of their artwork. There is no jury process or entry fee and all artists working in any medium are welcome to participate – the only requirement is to show up with ready-to-hang artwork on a specific day (this all showed up on Sunday!). As always, we do not take a commission, though many artists in this exhibit have elected to donate a portion of their sales to support The Carrack. In this show we are exhibiting 152 works of art and we are so pleased that over half of these artists are new to exhibiting at The Carrack (for many artists, our Community Show is also the first place they ever exhibit their artwork).


Limited edition prints honoring our 5th Birthday and original “C” logo are available this week only by donation. You can get yours now on Parrish Street or at East Main Street this Saturday. The prints are designed by Annick Le Goff and lovingly screenprinted by Annick, Jessica Kemp, Laura Ritchie and Jon Fuller, with the support of Durham’s Supergraphic and Super G Print Lab. We also have a selection of small, original artworks for sale donated by local artists in support of The Carrack.


Opening Reception during Third Friday Durham: Friday, June 17, 6 – 9 pm

Closing Reception before our Moving Party: Saturday, June 25, 5 – 6:30pm


Thursday - Sunday
11 am - 5 pm
and Wednesday by appointment