Subverbal Collective presents: Mixtape


Subverbal Collective

Mixtape is a collaborative exhibition featuring:
Erin Canady + Michael Riesch
Joy Meyer + Ben Alper
Emily Smith + Vanessa Murray
Sydney Steen + Anna Delgado
Allison Tierny + Wayne Marcelli + Kimberly English

Subverbal Collective consists of six women artists living in the Triangle who hold a deeply rooted self-motivation for art making in the contemporary world, for embracing the truth of materials, and for connecting this making to their relationships with land, body, gender, consumer culture, and temporality. Subverbal exists to support each other, seek connections, provide a space for critique and dialogue, engage other emerging art professionals, and to build community.

The exhibition is inspired by the concept of the mixtape, an object which was more than just a “playlist” but rather held delicately and intentionally selected music to share with a friend or a love interest. Each Subverbal member has chosen an artist from outside the collective to engage in a creative dialogue which will result in two submitted works for each pair. The theme of each dialogue is determined by the convergence of the two studio practices. Each set of pairs will be shown together. Like a great mixtape embraces variety, this show aims to celebrate the differences in our studio practices. With the goal of community in mind, this show will forge connections with artists both locally and afar.


Artist Talk: August 11, 6:30 pm
Reception: *RESCHEDULED* for Sunday, August 20, 5-7 p.m.

Photo Gallery