STITCH — Durham Word Art Project Launch

STITCH — Durham Word Art Project Launch


February 8, 7 – 8:30 pm

For the past month we’ve been polling people for ONE WORD they want to see Durham become.

We’re STILL going, and at this event, we want YOU to contribute and also… VOTE for your favorite word. Tell us, HOW do you love Durham?

We are looking for ONE WORD from every person who lives here and cares about how this place is evolving. Without vision there’s no innovation, right? Let’s hear what the people who live here and love it have to say. (That’s, um, YOU!)

Find out at our LAUNCH PARTY this Friday how the top 50 words will become art made by local artists…. Kinda “wacky?” Heh. That’s *my* word. — Dipika Kohli

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