Solitude: Images/Sounds Marc Alan Sperber

January 20 – 31, 2015

During recent work trips to China, Tanzania, Amsterdam and New York City, photographer Marc Alan Sperber noticed that the one constant across cultures, and the one constant for him as he moved between them, was the desire to find a moment of solitude in the midst of busyness, distractions and people. Hiking, kayaking and walks on the beach can bring some people solitude, but these things are not always accessible. In urban environments, Sperber uses his eyes and ears and tries to lose himself in unique combinations of sights and sounds. Repetition, symmetry, distance, space. Juxtapositions of beauty and grit. He strives to momentarily turn reality into a dream. This series captures some of those moments.

View Marc’s photographs to sounds and music in the theme of solitude by Dreamphonic (7pm) and Subscape Annex (8pm). At 9pm, the lights will dim for White Cascade (9pm) and Savage Knights (10pm). Preview music at


Opening Reception: Friday, January 23, 7 – 11:15 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, January 31, 2 pm


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