Chance Murray and Katharine Whalen

September 22 – 30, 2012

Selenotropic is a collaborative exhibition of works by Katharine Whalen and Chance Murray. The project began simply enough, but soon gave evidence of a vastly interconnected world. While working on the plans for the exhibition for instance, it was discovered that each artist possessed a gigantic dictionary printed in the 1900’s, the cover of each pasted with an ugly brown corduroy. In it’s own unique way the Idea for the show grew, and the pieces involved, for an unknown reason, feed off of one another. The exhibition promises to be a vibrant exploration of everyday life, it’s growth and it’s decay, with excursions into unknown and sometimes dark spaces. It doesn’t stay dark long, however, for the corduroy dictionaries explanation of “selenotropic” reads: “curving or turning toward the moon: said of certain growing plant-organs which under favorable conditions are influenced in the direction of their growth by moonlight.”

The exhibition was also on display at Outsiders Art & Collectibles in Durham, N.C. through September 3. Outsider’s is located at: 718-C Iredell St Durham, NC 27705.

Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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