Nah’ Mean?!

Nah’ Mean?!

William Paul Thomas ⋅ Antoine Williams

July 15 – 26, 2014

All human bodies are subject to critique, classification, and unfortunately, some form of abuse. How does one wield visual language to interrogate any of those endeavors? William Paul Thomas and Antoine Williams, both painters, start with images of the human figure. Thomas paints larger than life, disembodied, psychological portraits that sometimes include off-kilter labels and symbols to help “frame” the subjects’ identity. Williams develops meticulous, oversize prints of chimeras that posture and writhe in stances akin to those one finds in mainstream hip-hop visual culture. Both artists proceed to label, reconfigure, and decontextualize their subjects for the consumption of viewers. Nah’ Mean?! will bring together the aesthetics of these two UNC MFA Studio Art Program Alumni at The Carrack with the aim of bridging the gap between P.C. conversations and oversimplifications of race and class based conflict.


Opening Reception: Friday, July 18, 7 – 10 pm

Artists’ Talk: Saturday, July 26, 2 pm

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