The Muse Masquerade 2018

  • The Muse Masquerade 2018

The Carrack Presents

The Muse Masquerade

A RETROFUTURISTIC gala benefitting the Triangle’s only
zero-commission art gallery

Saturday, October 27th

8PM – 12AM

21c Museum Hotel Durham

An impossible future – for one night only. Please join us for the Fourth Annual Muse Masquerade, a celebration of strangeness and taboo, spirit and intrigue, music and magic. A gathering of artists, absurdists, poets, oracles, and time-travelers. And you, whoever you want(ed) to be.

This 4th annual fundraiser supports The Carrack, Durham’s zero-commission arts gallery and performance space. The Carrack provides exhibition opportunities to underrepresented artists from the community and hosts concerts, workshops, artists talks, film screenings, yoga, improvisation, and other diverse programming – most of which is free to attend. Wholly funded by grassroots donations, the Muse Masquerade generates more than half of our annual budget.

As in yesteryears, we suspect that tickets for this event will sell out. Buy yours today or spend tomorrow lamenting – there’s no coming back from this one.

Jetpacks not included.

Muse Unmasked

From midnight to 2AM, the carousal continues. Masks off, party on. More music, dancing, fantasy, and illusion. An exploration of the forbidden. We’ll divulge details later, maybe.

Please note that you will need a separate ticket for Muse Unmasked.


Our many talented artists transform 21c into a menagerie, dark and provocative and inspiring.  From acrobats to tarot readers, illustrators to magicians. An interactive photo booth. Holographic messages from the future, channeled voices from the past. You’ll discover art on the floor and the ceiling, and maybe you’ll take home a piece of the night.

Artists and performers will be announced here soon.


We encourage costumes for this event. From traditional Venetian masks and ruffles to industrial Steampunk apparel. Or channel the spirit of Halloween and let the otherworld guide you.

Whatever you wear, please be respectful. Guests wearing culturally appropriative costumes or violating indecent exposure laws will be asked to leave.

Venue & Parking

21c Museum Hotel once again hosts this mesmeric three-floor event. Throughout the Masquerade, you’ll find cash bars featuring this year’s signature Muse cocktail. We’ll also offer light desserts. That said, please plan to eat before the event and consider booking a reservation at one of our partnering restaurants (list coming soon).

Located in the heart of downtown Durham, finding a parking spot can be particularly challenging. 21c will offer valet parking service for $8 for the duration of the event. While there are a few parking decks within range, they’ll fill quickly. Consider parking farther away and hailing a ride from your favorite rideshare or hovership.


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