Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods

Paintings by Isti Kaldor

May 28 – June 8, 2013

Durham artist Isti Kaldor’s large scale oil paintings are on view at The Carrack through June 8. His recent body of abstract landscapes takes inspiration from the solace of the trees.

“My father once told me that life is filled with sorrow and brief moments of happiness. As a person living with mental illness, these moments, for me, are birthed in the act of creation. Painting a moment in time creates a sense of belonging in an otherwise judgmental world.”

–Isti Kaldor

Biography – “Life, for me, began during the winter of 1977, on December 23rd in Vac, Hungary. My mother, Erzsebet Mikes, was a textile worker and my father, Istvan Kaldor, was studying chemistry at the time. In 1987 my father received a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Rochester, New York, to pursue cancer research. When she was six years old my sister, Beatrix, had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Thereafter, she struggled more with her health, but thankfully, these days she is doing rather well. After completing high school I was accepted to Appalachian State University where I attained a bachelor’s degree in psychology. During my first year I experienced my first manic break. That day my life changed in many ways.

I learned that my reality is fragile and that my mind shapes as it pleases, especially, in moments where mania saturates my life. The most significant shift in my reality occurred on the twenty-third day of February 2003 with the death of mother. This experience allowed me to embrace the true meaning of sorrow, as I turned the trying times into beauty through artistic expression. During one of my hospitalizations at UNC, something woke in me which led to the world of painting. Throughout my 30-day stay I produced 45 paintings which arose in me an overwhelming desire to express my thoughts; using color to project my view of reality in the moment.
With regards to my style, it is a free-flowing movement which I coined as “Sweet and Sour Barbeque”. Much like spreading barbeque sauce over a slab of ribs, the technique I use with palette knives is similar in nature. The duality of life appears throughout my work as varying mood colors, the sweet and sour points of my existence. My muse, is like a drop of water that pearls on the desert floor, it only lasts for a moment. This is the small window through which my emotions are canvassed.”


Opening Reception: Friday, May 31, 6 – 10 pm; Join us for live music and refreshments with artist Isti Kaldor.

Soul, Sounds and Poetry: Thursday May 30, 8 – 11 pm

Live Music and Film Screening: Saturday, June 1, 2 – 10 pm

Artist Workshops with Isti Kaldor: Tuesday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 5 from 7 – 9 pm

Poetry Readings: Saturday, June 8, 8 pm


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