LIFEWORLDS: Call for visual artists to co-organize an exhibit

A call from Nat Lazakis:

“Human subjectivity is inextricably rooted in place. Why is this bond allowed to be destroyed by privatization, gentrification, exclusion, environmental degradation? The concept of “lifeworld” has been used by philosophers to distinguish between untaught, informal, intuitive awareness of the world, and the professionalized, instrumental forms of knowledge which are deployed to exploit and commodify it.

Lifeworlds is a horizontally organized group art exhibit exploring the forces shaping our experience of place…” More>

The initial planning meeting will be held on September 18, 6:30-8:00 pm at the North Regional Meeting Room – Left Side in North Regional Library (221 Milton Rd., Durham NC).

Complete information at:


Thursday - Sunday
11 am - 5 pm
and Wednesday by appointment

Call to Artists