Indoor Picnic – featuring paper and uninvited guests

Indoor Picnic – featuring paper and uninvited guests

by Nicole Uzzell

An installation featuring paper and the uninvited guests that appear during and after our picnics. Dining outdoors is enjoyed by all cultures, and as a result, the negative impact on the environment is felt globally.

Artist Statement
Experimentation and a mix of humble materials, primarily paper, guide my sculptural forms. The process applied is laborious, repetitious and part alchemist / part witches brew. Environmental concerns and women’s issues are central to my practice. Being a hunter/gatherer in both urban and rural settings, it provides me with a strong connection to the materials and place. Oscillating between strength and fragility, nature and industry, decay and beauty, — my artwork contains skilled-craftsmanship and the reckless abandonment of allowing the materials to shape the outcome.

Instagram: @n.b.uzzell

Third Friday Opening Reception: Friday July 19, 6-9pm

Folded Paper Sculptures – Hands-On: Sunday July 21, 1:30-3pm: The public is invited to make their own folded linear sculpture using recycled paper while sipping on lemonade (since it is an Indoor Picnic). All ages welcome. Supplies provided. FREE.

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Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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