Hue by Philip Cherry


a solo exhibition by Philip Cherry

Hue by definition according to Merriam Webster is a color. Color has shaped the way humans interact and react to the world around them. When we see red we associate it with danger. When we see blue we associate it with things like water and cold temperatures. How we are taught to look at things has had a ripple effect throughout generations on how we perceive not just the things we see everyday but people as well. This exhibition will be about beauty and consciousness. By challenging popular opinion with subliminal messaging and confronting imagery, my goal is to force viewers to question the opinions and stereotypes associated with them. Why do we have these prejudices, why are they associated with this group, and where do these perceptions stem from.

Artist Biography

Born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Durham, I am a artist who works to combine the playfulness of imagination and the importance of culture through his work, while hiding subliminal statements on social issues using complex imagery and symbolism. Flow is something I strive to expresses within my artwork. I do this by using different imagery and mediums such as gold leaf, acrylic, and watercolor.

In my work there is always a sense of movement and direction. If one looks closely, they will find that everything falls in a specific direction. This is something that has meaning. The fall is the climax and comedown over the flow of creation. The viewer of this piece will see a buildup of energy and fall into this work while viewing the piece. Work has feeling, expression, and reaction. As an artist there will be both a concrete vision expressed, as well as a subjective conclusion viewers will gain from viewing my work. This is why I put a lot of information in my work. Each viewer will be able to gain a different message or meaning in the work while a larger more general idea is expressed.


Wednesday, September 12, 6-9pm: Opening Reception

Friday, September 21, 6-10pm: Third Friday Durham will include a performance art piece which will be a statement on both social disparities and race as a concept in American culture. From 6pm-7pm Models will be on display in and around the gallery and city of Durham in a beautiful display of self pride and social awareness. Live performances from local North Carolina artist will take place until 10pm.

Thursday, September 23, 7-9pm: Artist Talk–Let’s get to know each other. This will be a networking a social event open to local artist, musicians, and anyone in the community that has a passion for whatever it is they do. During the time given we will talk about finding ourselves as creatives, what we are passionate about, and what some challenges might have been on our creative journey. I will also be taking questions during this time about the exhibit and the meaning behind my work.

Saturday, September 29, 6-9pm: Closing Reception

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