Hear + There

Hear + There

by Raymond Baccari & Justin Morgan Kennedy

About the Exhibition

Our work aims to explore different methods of story sharing, play, re-contextualizing experiences and interactivity. Working in a rural setting has provided us insight to the lives of others, seldom shared or held in high regard. Through this re-contextualization, things that appear exclusionary, unapproachable, or bound by social stratification can become open and accepted. Visitors are invited to engage with an array of microphoned rocks on a stage of locally harvested yellow pine, collected along the waterways that define our region of Western North Carolina. This interaction, coupled with projection, gps-mapped collagraph prints, and artifacts from the experience help in the re-contextualization of our experiences in our rural setting. The result that we hope to achieve is some measure of empathy for others in this world and the places they come from.

Artist Bios

Raymond Baccari is an MFA candidate, in his second year of a three-year program, at Western Carolina University. The main drive behind the work he creates comes from an interest in introversion, and an obsession with unconventional sounds or noise. His focus in the program is the development of interactive and sound-based installations which ask the participants to take time in a meditative space, mirroring that of his introverted view. The result grants a lasting embodied impression which recontextualizes experiences, memories, play, and place.

Justin Morgan Kennedy is the Associate Professor at Western Carolina Universities Sculpture Department. Much of his work stems from a strong interest in the vernacular, the anthropological and the romantic. He approaches art making from an anthropological background that focused on the study of dreams and the symbolic role of the shaman. The result of which allows him a view to comprehend the social and psychological perceptions of “the other”. Many of these otherworldly perceptions like those found in the “Dream World”, our subconscious, meditation, death, or even aspects of human desire all have profound impacts on his works interpretive intent.


Reception: Thursday August 1, 4-6pm

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