Community Show + Carrack Birthday

Community Show + Carrack Birthday

June 11-15, 2013

The Carrack turns 2 years old this month. We are celebrating with a community show and big reception/celebration on Saturday, June 15.

45 artists have work on display this week!

Join us on Saturday to celebrate two very special years with music, food, wine and the wonderful community of dedicated individual (growing daily!) who continue to help make this project possible.

You can help by becoming a Carrack sustainer. Sign up to make a secure, tax-deductible donation online through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. Collectively, with ongoing donations every month, we can ensure that the Carrack has the resources to serve its mission to its full potential.

If 200 people agree to donate just $5 per month, The Carrack has raised rent for an entire year.

The show features work by Andrew Gatt, Andy Berner, Aubrey Bugge, BLIX, Brenda van Orsouw, Calvert Johnny, Calvin Mondele, Caroline Crawford, Chuck Pell, Dimples Gibbs, Eleanor Mills, Emily Eve Weinstein, FRANCO, Frank Myers, Geraud Staton, Hannah Fillingim, Isti Kaldor, Jarrett Burch, Jenny Marsh, Jim Adams, Jose McCampuzano Dominguez, Joseph Pardington, Judy Woodall, Laura Berendsen Hughes, Leslie Udry, Marcy Litle, Marjorie Scheer, Martin Loomis, Nancy Darling, Nora Phillips, Pamela Hendershot, Paul Deblinger, Peter Anderson, Peter Eversol, Ruby Johnny, Susan LaMantia, Tony Waldron, Victoria Pittman, William P. Thomas, Zoe Sasson, Ginnie Hench, Tim Walter, Dan Smith, Libby Lynn and Erin Oliver.


Opening Reception: Saturday, June 15, 6 – 10 pm

Live Spoken Word Poetry: Thursday, June 13, 8 pm


Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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The Carrack is closed. Information for archival purposes only.