Change of Scenery

Change of Scenery

Collaborative Works by Harriet Hoover and Amy S. Hoppe

February 3 – 14, 2015

Change of Scenery: Collaborative Works by Harriet Hoover and Amy S. Hoppe features a new body of process-driven two-dimensional and sculptural works that hinge on chance and improvisation.

As graduate students at UNC-Greensboro, the two artists shared adjoining studios and developed a vibrant exchange of of ideas and materials. Now, two years after graduation, Hoover and Hoppe have embarked on a new exchange to deeply examine the important elements used to create their own work, as well as to see what happens when those elements are questioned or altered. Throughout December and January, the artists have held weekly exchanges of materials from one studio to the other – dropping off boxes and bags full of raw materials: patterns, unfinished work, unrealized sketchbook plans, and other ingredients that are signature in the studio practice of the other artist. They are then tasked with reacting to these new elements and ideas while challenging their own practice’s comfort zone.

Change of Scenery: Collaborative Works is the result of this experiment. The site specific installation of collaborative works includes paintings, drawings, collages, video and photography.

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Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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