Bottled Light by Catherine Edgerton

Bottled Light

Work by Catherine Edgerton

On View April 12 – 23, 2017

Bottled Light maps the imaginary journeys of seven of Catherine Edgerton’s multi-media stained-glass kaleidoscopes. The Kaleidoscopes were built for the Kaleidoscope Gifting Project, in which kaleidoscopes are given (and re-given) to folks who struggle with mental health and / or addiction. The kaleidoscope’s journeys are interwoven with prints of pages from hand-bound multi-media collage journals, which document Catherine’s own navigation of mental health, whiteness, creativity, resistance, and addiction in the south. The books themselves are also on display, as well as blind-contour drawings of recipients of the kaleidoscopes.

In tandem with this exhibit, Catherine has worked with the Art Asylum (a project of the Durham Artists Movement) to build tool-kits, crisis prevention / intervention strategies, and concrete resources to resist stigma, undermine criminal / patient labels, and foster creativity and connectivity between and beyond its members. Fruits of this work are on interactive display, broadening the lens to encompass ways in which institutionalization and incarceration are tools for systematic oppression, as well as ways that understanding and art can bridge divides and reduce isolation.


Friday, 4/14, 6-9pm: Opening Reception

Saturday, 4/15, 3-5 pm: Advance Directive Workshop #1 (Legal Session)
Mavis Gragg, a local estate attorney, will offer a workshop on completing and legalizing psychiatric advance directives in the state of NC. She will also offer information on Power of Attorney, filing advance directives with the state, and notarization.

Saturday, 4/15, 6 pm: Artist Talk + Mental Health Tool-Kit Presentation and Dialogue.
The artist will talk about the exhibit, and Billy Dee will host a tour of the Art Asylum’s Online Mental Health Resource Guide (a website that helps folks find POC and Queer affirming practitioners in the triangle).

Sunday, 4/16, 3-5 pm :Advance Directive Workshop #2 (Creative Session)
The Art Asylum made a template for Creative Advance Directive Chapbooks. Interwoven with poetry, art, and reflections from the Durham Artists Movement, this book is a template to empower creativity, community, and self-determination to make creative blue-prints and instructions for one’s care, in the event that they become unable to make decisions. Altho this template was created specifically as a tool for folks who struggle with mental health, it can be molded and used for anything. This workshop will provide guidance for completing the booklet, as well as Art skill-shares offered by DAM members in mediums that range from drawing to cyanotype printing. Come learn skills, and apply them to your Creative Advance Directive Workbook.

Friday, 4/21, 6-9 pm: Third Friday Durham / Closing Reception


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

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