Poster Art & Illustrations Jamie B. Wolcott

May 14 – 24, 2012

A ‘calabash’ is a gourd historically used for carrying water and constructing musical instruments in many parts of the world. “Calabash at the Carrack” will be the first in a series of Calabash events led by Jamie B. Wolcott and Curtis Eller. It merges poster art, music, theater, and film into a 4-day weekend at the lovely Carrack Modern Art Gallery in downtown Durham.

The artwork of Jamie B. Wolcott will go up on May 14th. The performances will begin the evening of May 17th and run through the 20th. The artwork will come down May 24th.

Expect appearances by Curtis Eller, Beloved Binge, New Town Drunks, Django Haskins, Crystal Bright, Steph Stewart, Magician Michael Casey, Jim Haverkamp, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern and more! We’ll be posting a complete schedule shortly!

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Friday – Sunday
12 – 3pm
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The Carrack is closed. Information for archival purposes only.