Cadavre Exquis

Cadavre Exquis

a surrealist musical installation

Friday, December 13, 6 – 9 pm

This event is the culmination of a year long recording experiment based on the surrealist writing/drawing game exquisite corpse, in which a multi-track recording was created with each musician hearing only the track recorded immediately before his or her own. The result will be presented in an interactive format where audience members can adjust the volume of each individual layer of music, thus controlling the mix that is played back to the entire room. With over forty participating musicians, the project explores new methods of musical collaboration and composition.

The recordings will play continuously from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, with a short introduction from Graham Cox at 7:00pm.

Featuring sounds produced by: accordion; acoustic guitar; alto saxophone; archival recordings; banjo; bass clarinet; bass guitar; classical guitar; computer; contact mic; drum machine; drums; electric guitar; empty bottles; Fender Rhodes; fiddle; fire; Hot Lixx toy guitar; keyboard; Korg Z1; melodica; microKORG; midi piano; Moog; oboe; piano; reel-to-reel tape deck; rice cooker; Roland Juno 106; tambourine; voice; washing machine; xylophone;

as played by the musicians: Robert Biggers; Jay Cartwright; Neven J. Carswell; Chris Catanese; Graham Cox; Matt DeBellis; Bryce Eiman; Andras Fekete; Alec Ferrell; Lawrence Giffin; Anne Gomez; Shirlé Hale; John Harrison; Brian Howe; Reid Johnson; Matt Kalb; John Killeen; Andrew Kindman; Dan Kinney; Greg Klaiber; Kyle Knight; Elliot Langford; Alex Maiolo; Brian John Mitchell; Bruce Mitchell; Princess Ojiaku; Robert Pence; Isaac Pinedale; Ben Riseling; Chris Rossi; Sterling Rozear; Ken Rumble; Joni Sadler; Betsy Shane; Greg Sheriff; Cody Spencer; Wendy Spitzer; Albert Steppi; Jeff Stern; NKG Sternhagen; Matt Tauch; Nick Tenev; Jonathan Thompson; Benjamin Trueblood; Christopher van Wert; Brennan Watson; Nathan White; Michael Wright; David Zielinski;

who have been known to perform in the following bands: Agaw; All Your Science; American Empire; Arrows Out; Beloved Binge; Blood Jar Creepers; Boat Burning; Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan; Caruso; Clean Demon; D-Town Brass; Ellectronic; The Emotron; The Evil Tenors; Fan Modine; Felix Obelix; feltbattery; Flesh Wounds; Four More Years; Free Electric State; Fruit; The Future Kings of Nowhere; Harsh Reality; Hog; Holy Boats; Jphono1; Le Weekend; Lungbutter; Muscle Mass; New Hill; Organos; Pink Flag; Plankton Feast; Prisms; Public Transit; Regina Hexaphone; Remora; Savage Knights; Schooner; Small Apartments; Small Life Form; Static Lake; Stems; Vlor; Voidward; Wembley; The Wigg Report.

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