Berlin // Durham

Berlin // Durham

La Mula + What Doesn’t Work

December 17 & 18, 8 pm (La Mula) and December 19, 8 pm & December 20, 3 pm (What Doesn’t Work)

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Culture Mill presents two performances made in Berlin, which experiment with the limits and definitions of the dance medium – aesthetically, economically and politically.

“La Mula: A Beatmusical” parades pop-culture clichés to raise questions about our obsession with entertainment; (Thursday and Friday, December 17 & 18 at 8 pm)

“What Doesn’t Work” is a symphony of movement without composition, which probes the relationship between movement and meaning. (Saturday, December 19 at 8 pm and Sunday, December 20 at 3 pm).

Tickets: $15 General Admission: