Beauty World EP Release + Ser Onda

Beauty World EP Release + Ser Onda

Saturday, June 7, 2014, 8 – 11 pm

BEAUTY WORLD is Duncan Webster & Leah Gibson and they are releasing an EP, and playing songs. SER ONDA is Autumn Ehinger, and she will also be playing songs! Japanese disco dance party to follow.

Beauty World is the music of Duncan Webster and Leah Gibson. Their self-titled EP showcases the distinctive sound they have developed over the last three years, but each song stands out on its own. The songs are crafted simply, but not sparsely. Every layer, loop, and line is written with intention.

Webster and Gibson met in 2010 through their bands at the time – Hammer No More The Fingers and Lost in The Trees. Gibson joined Hammer on stage with her cello at the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, and shortly after, they began writing songs and playing shows independently. Under the name Prypyat, they experimented with different arrangements, acoustic and electronic instruments, recorded songs, and toured the American West in support of their friends, the Bowerbirds. During this time, they also bought and renovated a home, adopted two cats, and traveled to Japan. These collective musical and non-musical experiences helped craft the sounds of Beauty World.

Their debut EP was engineered and produced by Mark Paulson in Raleigh, NC. These five songs reflect on personal experiences, shifting emotions, and farout daydreams that the duo has shared in their three years of collaboration. “Beauty World” will be made available on June 10, 2014.