For Performing Artists

In addition to exhibits that last up to two weeks, The Carrack also hosts a wide range of one or two night only multi-disciplinary performance events, featuring poetry, music, dance, film and literary events in addition to workshops, roundtables, lectures and screenings. Performing arts events will happen within the environment created by the Exhibiting Artist’s show, typically on a weekend. The Carrack, the Exhibiting Artist and the Performing Artist will work together to design the schedule and details.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for art events/performances that last up to two days. Please email Laura at with your ideas.

Our proposed schedule for each Performance: We recommend evening performances on a weekend night. Of course, this is flexible depending on the nature of your work and your vision for your show.

This is what we require from all Performing Artists who use our space:

1. Commit to attend at least one artist reception or event at The Carrack prior to your own.

2. Commit to design an exhibit invitation and/or poster and send it to us 4 weeks ahead of your event. This will allow us to have enough time to distribute it effectively for marketing purposes.

3. Undertake all aspects of set up/clean up and agree to respectfully co-exist with the Exhibiting Artist’s work.

4. Accept to be interviewed on camera and in writing by representatives of The Carrack.

Note on insurance: At this point The Carrack is not providing insurance on your artwork, however coverage can be offered in certain circumstances


Rules and Guidelines for Performing Artists:

Here is The Carrack’s commitment to you during your show, a more detailed list of artist responsibilities and a general outline of how the space works, along with some tips for putting together a successful show.

Carrack Responsibilities:

1. Keep the space open to the public Tuesday-Friday from 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

2. Include an announcement about your event in our newsletter to be sent out at the beginning of each month.

3. Send an email invitation with your image or poster to our list of contacts the week of your exhibit.

4. List your performance dates, a link to your artist website and an image/poster of your choice on our website.

5. Promote your show through our Facebook page and Twitter account.

6. Be a resource for you – we offer curatorial advice, access to our network of artists and community members and general support. We are here to help and we want you to succeed!

Artist Responsibilities:

This is a free, DIY space. That means you are essentially in charge of EVERYTHING about your exhibit.

The breakdown:

1. Marketing.

You are in charge of the bulk of the marketing. The marketing that we do (listed above) is meant to supplement your efforts, not lead or replace them. The success of your exhibit depends on your ability to self-promote.

Our recommended checklist:

(Get this done at least one month before your show)

- Create an event poster that features an image or information that accurately represents what you plan to do at the Carrack and lists the date and time of your performance. Send this to us, print it and put it around town, put it on Facebook and email it to all of your contacts.

- Write a press release that combines the basic facts about your show (who, what, when, where, why) and your artist statement or biography. Let people know what you’re all about and why they should come see you. We have examples that can help.

- Contact the media! Send them your invitation and press release.

- TALK ABOUT YOUR SHOW. To everyone. Seriously, you have to shamelessly promote yourself and your work. Your work needs to be seen. That’s why you’re having a show. If you don’t believe it is worth seeing, no one else will!

2. Installation/Set Up

- Have a plan. Your time at the Carrack is very short. Make sure you get here with a clear idea of how you will present yourself and your work to the public.

- Make sure your work is ready in advance and can be presented professionally.

- Arrange for chairs, projectors, lighting, sound system and any other additional equipment your performance requires. You may use what we have but it is likely you will need to bring your own. Contact for a list of resources we have available.

- Remember the importance of labels/additional information. Viewers (potential buyers and fans) need information to guide them through your performance. Plan to set up a table to sell merch, have your business cards ready or create a ‘program’ for the evening that each guest can keep.

3. Performance

- You are responsible for purchasing any refreshments and any plates/napkins/cups they require. Wine and light hors d’oeuvres are the usual.

- Organize staff for the evening. We will do our best to attend and/or provide you with volunteers but it is your responsibility to staff your event. If you are serving alcohol or charging a door fee, it is your responsibility to have someone monitor that.

- Have someone there to document your performance and create a record of the evening.

- Encourage your visitors to sign our guestbook, talk to them about the mission of the space and gently point them towards our donation box.*

* Exposure to your network is the best way for the Carrack to grow as an organization. We already know you believe in us but please let your guests know it as well.