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INDY week, 09/09/15: Felicia Robinson never let cerebral palsy stop her from expressing herself through art and advocacy

 We were recently featured in an article, The Carrack: A Place Where Liberty Meets Community.

About the space:

Independent Weekly 07/06/11: John Wendelbo’s Vision of Public Art

The Herald Sun: Walk Up Turned Art Gallery

Duke Chronicle 10/27/11: Newly opened non-profit gallery engages Durham Art Community

ncartblog 10/28/11: Serving the Community

Clarion Content 01/26/12: The Carrack, The Latest

Clarion Content 06/05/12: Looking Back at year One

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01/07/13: About the Director: Meet Laura Ritchie on WUNC’s The State of Things

Clarion Content 01/26/13: The Carrack Returns

SFMOMA CROWD/Art Microhubs: The Carrack, Durham, NC

The Herald-Sun, 05/09/13: Blue Greenberg: The Carrack, a smorgasbord of art

The Duke Chronicle, 10/9/13: Art Space Embarks on event-filled fundraisers

The Carrack was voted a finalist for “Best Art Gallery” in the INDY’s Best of the Triangle 2013.

About our Artists+Exhibits:


Indepedent Weekly (artery): 8/24/11 Notes on Durham Third Friday, Part 2: Image and idiosyncrasy

Clarion Content: 10/06/11 Veil Tease Opens at Carrack Modern Art

Daily Tarheel: 10/18/11 Durham’s Carrack Gallery Hosts PoPuP3 Show


Durham Magazine: Muslim Girls Wanna Have Fun

Duke Chronicle 09/6/12: Duke alum showcases glitter art

Independent Weekly (artery): 06/01/12 Interaction without ego: sarah goetz’s Just Between Us opens at Durham’s Carrack Gallery


Independent Weekly (artery): 01/31/13 Disarming Delight: Iris Gottlieb’s Inventories and Observations

Independent Weekly (artery): 02/18/13 Eleven paintings and a Giant Vagina: Robin Walker at The Carrack

NPR’s The State of Things (interview with artist Isti Kaldor and Director Laura Ritchie): Chasing Windmills: Outsider art flourishes in North Carolina

Press for Hold Capacity // Trade Route Stories, Reimagined (7/30/13 – 8/10/13): 

Salisbury native collaborates with artists to create exhibit using material gathered during a year spent traveling by cargo ship. 7/28/13, Sarah Campbell for the Salisbury Post

Scenes at sea, through many eyes. 8/1/13, Cliff Bellamy for The Herald-Sun 
Radio Documentarian Spends A Year Riding Cargo Ships8/8/13 on WUNC’s The State of Things with Frank Stasio


Lilac Shadows’ No Dark/ No Light (2/4 – 2/15/14)

Lilac Shadows Album Release Party. Buddy Rusky. 2/14 at Clarion Content.

Installations and end points. David Klein. 2/12/14 in the INDY Weekly

Monsieur Contraste and The Church of Photography (2/19 – 3/1)

Review: Portrait of a Local Photographer. Cliff Bellamy. 2/13/14 in the Durham Herald-Sun.

Monsieur Contraste: Jean-Christian Rostagni The Consulat de France in Atlanta.

Chai Qian: Inevitable Development (4/1 – 4/13/14)

From the Editor’s Desk. Aaron Mandel for Clarion Content. 

Blood Harmony (4/18 – 4/26/14):

Blood Harmony. Chris Vitiello. INDY Week.

interface || interference (4/29 – 5/10/14):
Your Love Affair With Your Smartphone. 5/2/14 on WUNC’s The State of Things with Frank Stasio
Superfluous Fowl (9/2 – 9/13/14):
Anna Wallace Superfluous Fowl at The Carrack. 9/12/14. Aaron Mandel for Clarion Content.