• Blood Harmony

    Photographs by

    J Gray Swartzel

    Speaking of her childhood, Mother spoke of impromptu musical interludes carried out under the gentle wafts of pipe smoke in the living room where her father and extended family would make bluegrass melodies.  She described ...

    on view April 13 - 26

    opening reception Friday, April 18, 6-9 pm

  • Carrack + Mercury Studio Art Salon

    At Mercury Studio on April 17!

    Every Third Thursday The Carrack Modern Art and Mercury Studio team up to host a night for artists to come together to give and receive feedback about current work and ideas. We alternate between meeting ...

    join us on the Third Thursday of every month, 7:30 - 10:00 pm

  • interface || interference

    experience filtered by smartfones

    Juried by Smartphone Art Show

    The smartphone is ubiquitous in our culture. And anything that changes us the way our smartphones have, and continue to do, demands artistic attention and exposition. Historically, artists have used tools like the Claude Glass ...

    on view April 29 - May 10

    opening reception Friday, May 2, 7 - 10 PM

  • Buried in Light and Shadow

    Elsa Hoffman

    Elsa Hoffman is a wood and metal worker based in Chapel Hill. With a handheld plasma cutter, she transforms thin sheets of salvaged metal into 2 and 3-D designs including lights, sculpture and furniture.  Using her skills ...

    on view May 13 - 24

    opening reception Friday, May 16, 7 - 10 pm

  • Our Epidural Currency


    Jillian Dickson

    The series Our Epidural Currency examines the forgotten and neglected connection between our tactile bodies and wild nature. Within the compilation of technological evolution, the basic conditions of being human have changed, in that our ...

    on view May 27 - June 7

    opening reception Friday, May 30, 7 - 10pm

  • Carrack Community Show

    3rd Birthday!

    We are celebrating our third year with an OPEN CALL community show! Any artist is invited to drop off one work of art to be hung in a week-long group show at The Carrack. Requirements: ...

    on view June 10 - 14

    opening reception Saturday, June 14, 7-10pm


    Art and Textiles

    Megan Burchett Ann Tilley

    LOVE SIGNS, a collaborative art show between Ann Tilley and Megan Burchett, explores a personal inner voice dealing with, learning about, and experiencing love, through fragmented text, watercolor landscapes, and universal imagery. Ann Tilley’s color ...

    on view June 17 - 28

    opening reception Friday, June 20, 7 - 10 pm

  • Carrack Press

    The Carrack was voted a finalist for “Best Art Gallery” in the INDY’s Best of the Triangle 2013! The Carrack is the best local art gallery by so much it is not even close. Art is ...

    on view at 111 West Parrish Street, downtown Durham

    opening reception Tuesday - Friday 12-6, Saturday 2-5

  • Donate to The Carrack

    Become a Carrack Sustainer!

    Collective ownership and widespread grassroots support are vital to keeping this place open, experimental and ever-evolving.With your participation small amounts add up to a great asset for the Arts in Durham. HOW TO GET INVOLVED: ...

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